Zombie experience – are you mad enough?

This Zombie battle is for real – yes if you’re into horror, have the Braveheart spirit, dare to walk through graveyards in the dark and most of all have a lust for wiping out the living dead, then you’ve come to the right place.

Or if you’re none of those things and your idea of a bit of excitement is putting extra sugar in your cocoa at bedtime with the dressing gown and furry slippers on and the cat on your knee, watching the epilogue on the BBC, or a rerun of something soothing on Dave, then we suggest you head for the cupboard under the stairs right now – but don’t forget to keep the light on and don’t look behind you!

Would-be warriors only, read on!!

You may prefer to fight these wraiths from the Underworld on your own, and that’s quite a popular thing, but more and more we’re finding that groups of friends, workmates, darts teams and Sunday football sides are coming along together and making a group outing of it. It certainly will give you plenty to talk about afterwards too – cos this experience will in no uncertain terms sort out the men from the boys, the hard-women from the girls (yes, women love to fight them too) and show you what your mates are really like under pressure.

We love the shopping mall experience – fight the undead in a shopping centre

Woohoo – the shopping mall experience was sold out for the last few months, but it’s back now, and it’s as awesome as ever.

With all the recent publicity in the National Press and the media, we’ve found that these titanic battles with hordes of the rotting masses are selling out almost as fast as they can be put on sale.

Ranging from the Bootcamp, where you undergo basic training in ghoul warfare and set about wiping out your very own nest of them, to the Apocalypse, or the Battle for the Abandoned Manor House, new and ever-more fascinating and gory variants of this horror experience are being added to the mix all the time – and being taken off offer as they sell out.
So keep a watch on the complete list of current Zombie battles below, which we keep updated in real time for you so you know which ones are available. But don’t hang about, as this is the fastest-selling experience we’ve seen.


Zombie battle experience review

So, you ask, Is it really as exciting as all that? Do we really engage the walking dead in unarmed combat?
And the answer is, Yes, you sure do! That’s what makes this adventure experience the most stimulating, adrenalin-fuelled one you’ll ever have. Beats driving supercars hands down. And bungee-jumping is for pussycats once you’ve fought the gentlemen of the putrefying flesh in the supreme battle for life and death.

On your Day of the Undead, you’ll get kitted out in your ghoul-proof armour, goggles and z-proof helmet, before being inducted into essential life-preservation training by your instructor (Order of the Zombie-Cross First Class) and shown how to use your essential weapons which include simulated hand-grenades, blood bombs and gas-powered gun.
Then it’s off into fabulous action you go on a raid of total destruction, clearing out an infestation of walking dead in whichever of the scenarios you’ve chosen.

Whichever you’ve picked, you’ll be scared silly and so exhilarated you’ll long to have a go at one of the others – tackling these bad boys can become addictive, and no mistake! And remember, if you’ve time, just keep an eye on how your mates are coping with being dragged down to the depths by the most terrifying creatures on earth.

And remember, if you can’t cope with this premium level action, just let us know and we’ll recommend some knitting patterns to keep you busy instead lol !!!!!!

And just when you think it’s all over and you’re safe, here they come again in irresistible waves. Are they hard to stop? Imagine being chased by a mad axeman, then double it, and that even doesn’t come close! These guys are not just threatening you with death, but it’s a living death which is far, far worse than that. Cos if they catch you before you exterminate them, they’ll turn you into one of their own and you’ll have to fight alongside the walking dead themselves against the normal people, just like you used to be before they got you!

An added bonus of this brilliant experience is that it will give you insider tips for dealing with the real ghoulish hordes if you’re ever taking a short cut home through the graveyard on your way home from the pub, and the Midnight hour should strike and the moon should be at just the right phase for the living dead to flee from the safety of their coffins in search of human blood!! You’ll have seen it all before, been there, done that and got the T shirt, and be fully equipped to save your soul from eternal damnation.

And in case you’re not persuaded, just check out the ghoulish action in this sampler video to get an idea of what goes on when you set about fighting the living dead on this adrenalin experience to end all adrenalin experiences.

And bear in mind, the video is not nearly scary enough. When you see, hear and smell the real ghouls baying after your blood, then that’s something else entirely.

You have been warned!

Anyone for cocoa?

3 thoughts on “Zombie experience – are you mad enough?

  • March 11, 2012 at

    If being forced to the ground and punched to stop you getting back up by several stinking scabby zombies in a dark smoke filled warehouse with bombs going off, marshals screaming at you to save your mate who’s just shit his pants cause paint guns are going off around your heads, is what your after, than this is definately for you!
    I don’t think any of us had any idea that we would actually be involved in fighting infected zombies with our bare hands!
    I would definately recommend it but I’m also glad that I’m back in a safe place hiding in the corner. Not looking forward to the nightmares starting!!

  • March 2, 2012 at

    Guys, this experience is seriously cool.
    I was luCky enough to get the gold plated zombie bootcamp as as an xmas gift and booked my day really soon after.

    The one I went on was in Droitwich and they told me they were booked up for ages, but I see you’ve found some are other zombie days too.

    SO it was great fun, a good laugh, and genuinly a bit scary when the zombies finally came out!

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