Bread Making Experiences & Baking Experiences

As the nations favourite bread-baking silver fox, Paul Hollywood has a lot to answer for. His work on the Great British Bake-off has made these various brilliant bread baking experiences fly off the shelves.

This is your most popular Bread Making experience day

Learn how to make your own delicious mouthwatering bread


What’s wrong with ready sliced from the supermarket?

Nothing at all. It’s what a lot of people use for toast every morning and it’s fine for that.
But once you’ve been spoilt by savouring your own crisp, warm bread straight from the oven, smothered in lashings of fresh butter, you won’t need to ask what the difference is. And baking bread is an art that once learnt stays with you.

So learn it first hand from an expert, avoid all the beginner mistakes, and get on the right path to perfect, crusty, tasty bread.

What can I expect on a bread making experience

There’ll usually be a few others on the course, so you can all learn together and probably make new friends.
The bread expert will take you through all you need to know to get the right mix of ingredients, mix and knead your dough, form your loaves, prove them and finally cook them to perfection.

You’ll be able to ask any questions that arise while you’re learning, and having the professionals on hand to give you the right answers will be just the job.

Breadmaking experiences make a perfect gift idea

Everybody loves bread, and everybody loves fresh, warm, crusty, tasty bread even more.
So imagine the look on your OH’s face when they’re expecting some old routine Christmas or birthday gift like they’ve been getting year after year, and open it up to find a fantastic bread making experience voucher!!
The smile will last for weeks, and the knowledge they gain will last a lifetime! You only need to learn bread making once, so give them the gift of learning from the best!

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