Bushcraft and survival experiences

Get out into the wilderness and live off the land with these brilliant bushcraft and survival experience days. They are not your normal type of experience, and you will certainly be getting your hands dirty. We have found a nice collection of these experiences throughout the UK .

This is your most popular Survival experience day

It’s run by the people who really know how to survive outside civilisation, and it’s great value for money.


Tell me about these bushcraft and survival experiences?

Whether you just want to avoid panicking when the power goes off for a couple of hours, or you want to learn total independence from society and how to live and survive in the wild and on your own, then there’s a survival course for you. Check them out on this full list below and pick yours.

Are they any good?

They certainly are.
The people running these survival/bushcraft courses are experts in the field. You’ll know of Bear Grylls, of course – well his organisation runs some of these experiences (though we’re not sure you’ll meet the man himself). And there are many ex-marine and ex para soldiers giving instruction, who’ve had to survive in the most hostile of terrains, for weeks at a time, in real life while in the armed forces.

So you won’t just be getting theory out of a book, you’ll be getting the inside gen and secret tips from the horse’s mouth!

Do I need to be a hard man to take one of these experiences?

Certainly not! If you were, you wouldn’t need any instruction, would you?
Nomatter how much of a townie you are, you’ll enjoy learning to build a shelter to keep the weather off, to learning how to make a fire and find drinking water when you’re miles from anywhere with no shops, no houses and no National Grid to power your appliances.
And then real townies can get back to town, have a hot shower and catch up on Instagram. The rest of you can check out longer, more challenging experiences and go on to finding food, longer-term survival and who knows, consider a career in the paras!!

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