Camel riding experience

Sadly, the camel riding days are not available at the moment. Take a look at the other animal experiences instead, such as the llama walks 

Looking for one of the most unusual experiences ever? Then this could be the one for you!

Camel riding like in Lawrence of Arabia?

Well yes, but without the sand. Or the heat. Or the Arabs. Or Peter O’Toole.

In fact what you get here is a total all-in integrated camel experience. You don’t just turn up, get on the camel and ride. After a Hello and some refreshment, you get to know him first with a bit of grooming and attention; then you get shown how to put his saddle and bridle on, to get him ready for the trip. Then you get to climb on board this Ship of the Desert and have a fabulous camel ride through some absolutely lovely countryside, imagining just what it would be like to race across the dunes, perched way up in the air on top of this magnificent beast.

And then when your ride is sadly over, you get to give your camel another thank-you grooming and a well-deserved feed. Then say a sad farewell

and a final spot of refreshment for yourself before taking your leave.

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Where can I ride a camel?

Not surprisingly given the lack of deserts in the UK, camel rides are exceedingly rare. In fact there’s only one reputable camel riding experience that our experts would recommend, and that is in the lovely part of the country that is Stratford on Avon. So this is where you can get one up on old Will Shakespeare, since as far as we know, he never managed to ride a camel in his life!

Camel riding experience review

But what an unusual experience we found it! It’s like nothing we’ve ever done before, and we loved it.
You seem very high up on top of your camel, and the ride can get bumpy to say the least.
So this is NOT a ride for the elderly and the infirm. You need to be fit and free from back and joint troubles, and have a sense of adventure.
If you’ve ridden horses, then you should find camel riding a breeze – or on the other hand you should find camel riding nothing like riding horses, depending on who you talk to. We’ve had both sets of opinions from otherwise normal people, so you’ll need to decide for yourself.
Instructors are with you every step of the way, and what they don’t know about camels and riding them isn’t worth knowing. We must say they added to the experience no end and were amazingly pleasant and helpful.

It’s a pity that there’s only the one experience and it’s in the one place, but we’d say it’s well worth a bit of a trip for such a fascinating, unusual experience.
We’d no idea they were such amusing and interesting animals.
So click on the link above to read all the details of this experience, and check out other reviews, then you can book there and then. Remember, it’s a rare experience, so gets booked up well ahead.
And just to give you a taster, here’s a short video of some people riding camels in Israel.

Now who do you know that would just LOVE this unusual experience as a gift?

If they’re fit, like adventure and love furry animals, then they’d appreciate this and perhaps even be eternally grateful

2 thoughts on “Camel riding experience

  • January 6, 2013 at

    My daughter 9 years would like to ‘do’ this experience.
    Could you arrange for a small party for children to have this experience?
    Would it be possible to talk to someone directly?
    We live in Stratford upon Avon. You are so near, but I don’t know where you are?

    • January 6, 2013 at

      Hi Anne,
      It’s Red Letter Days that would arrange this, but looking at their rules you have to be 16 or over.
      But here’s an idea, run the actual events for Red Letter Days, so why not give them a ring and see if their rules are different or if they can accommodate kids in another way.

      Experience companies tend to be quite strict on ages because of insurance and stuff, but it’s worth a go. Failing that, you could try a junior zookeeper experience or something similar. Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

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