Carriage driving experience

This unusual experience is like horse-riding but without all the bumping up and down and getting saddle sore.
Ever seen Prince Philip carriage racing, steering his team of horses round a challenging course and longed to have a go yourself?

Ever seen the stagecoach drivers on Wild West films and pictured yourself in the driving seat? Or even seen the Tetley Shire Horses pulling the brewer’s dray and wondered how you can steer horses without sitting on them?
With this horse experience, you can learn how it’s done.

Where can I enjoy a carriage driving experience?

There are only two places where this experience is run at the moment, Wingfield nr Eye in Suffolk, and Dumfries in Scotland. But if you’re within reach of either of these fine places and fancy trying your hand, then you’re in luck.

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So what’s the deal? – Carriage driving review

The experiences start with an introduction to the carriage, the harness and most of all, to the horses or ponies who will be pulling you round on your trip.
Expert instructors will then show you how to drive a horse-drawn carriage, give you the tips and tricks of the trade and soon have you stopping and starting your horses, and steering them round a course built to challenge your ability to the utmost. The instructors really are at the top of their game, and have loads of patience and an understanding of how best to help beginners (that’s you!) learn carriage driving and be up and running in the shortest possible time.
The Dumfries experience climaxes with an added bonus where you’ll see just how much fun carriage driving can be. Stand on the rear step of a carriage, while one of the pros races the ponies round a difficult twisty, windy course, and experience first hand just how fast and nimble a horse-drawn carriage can be when handled by experts. You’ll be amazed at the speeds these things can whiz round corners, and be left breathless with admiration at the skill and talent of these expert drivers. Not forgetting the ponies – they’re the ones who do all the work, after all.
You’ll get refreshments at both locations, as you’d expect, and end your day with a feeling of a job well done, a new skill learnt, and a hunger to be back and carriage driving again before long.

A unique gift experience

For someone who likes horses, imagine their joy at receiving a carriage driving experience as a Christmas of birthday gift! It beats any number of sweaters, socks, perfumes or jig saw puzzles, and will make a gift to be well and truly remembered and appreciated.
But why not try it yourself first????

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