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Brewery tour – brewery experience.
What man doesn’t dream of visiting a brewery? Seeing all the skill and craft that goes into producing his favourite pint, chatting with the skilled men who make beer and finding out all the ale makers’ secrets. Or, in these enlightened times, what woman too?

With these cheap experience days, they can! Whether it’s for yourself, or as a thoughtful gift experience to the other half, a trip round a brewery will cost a lot less than you think. Brewery tours are available all over the country, so there’s bound to be one near you. And you can perhaps go to one of the smaller beer specialists, with brewing secrets kept in the family for generations. Or to one of the larger breweries and see how beer is made in volume.

Here are all the UK brewery experiences you can enjoy today

With prices updated in real time so you can compare in one place, make sure you’re getting the very best deals, and take advantage of any special offers or two for ones. This is your Brewery tour one-stop shop!

And of course no brewery experience would be complete without sampling the beer, so you’ll be sure to have plenty of opportunity during or after your brewery tour, to see how good beer tastes direct from the brewery!

Most brewery tours are experiences for two, so you can take a friend to share in the beer experience – after all, beer is all about being sociable, isn’t it? Under £30 for a brewery experience day to remember? How can you resist.

There are often special offers on that are even cheaper than this, so check them out at the top of our list. Though if you want to push the boat out, you can also combine a top class overnight stay with your tour and make an occasion of it. There are other variations – tour plus lunch, who day at the brewery etc, so whatever you’re looking for in your tour, there’ll be an experience for you.

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