Fight simulator experiences – there are loads!

Cheapest flight simulator experiences are just like the real thing

You’d never get to fly a Boeing 737 or passenger plane without years of training. But with a flight simulator experience, you get a flight experience that’s amazingly lifelike. Using just the same simulator that professional pilots use for training and learning how to fly these huge craft, you’d get to try your hand and see how easy (or hard!) it really is.

And of course you get proper training from an experienced instructor, and if you don’t quite manage to land properly, its only your pride that’s hurt!

We’ve found this great special offer, for one of the best flight simulator experiences. this one isn’t the cheapest, but all in, it’s a great offer for a great flight sim. Find out more now, because it won’t stay at this price for long.

Best gift experience

If you’re looking for a gift idea, then one of these cheapest flight simulator experiences could be just the gift experience you need. How many people could say they’ve piloted a passenger airplane and landed at one of the world’s greatest airports?

These are the very cheapest ones in the UK, and you’ll be surprised how little it costs for a taster session in a flight simulator/

Here are all the flight simulator experiences in the UK so you can pick the cheapest one, the fighter pilot one, the Jumbo jet one, or in fact any that takes your fancy.


So what now?

You decide how much you want to spend, you decide what kind of flight simulator you want to go on, and then click the link above to get the full detail. And then you can buy there and then online. All the experience providers we deal with are top class and reputable, so you know you’re getting the best experience for the money.
And because all our prices are updated in real time, you can be sure you’re getting the absolute lowest price available, and you’re also getting the benefit of any special offers (2 for 1 features quite often on flight simulator experiences, and you’ll see it here first.)

You can have 15 minutes at the controls on the cheaper experiences, or 30 minutes, right up to 60 minutes for the premium experiences where you’ll really have time to get your hand in and should be able to perform a lot better.
So what are you waiting for – get flying!!

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