Cheapest hot air balloon experience

Cheap hot air balloon experiences

Up up and away – imagine soaring up into the crisp blue sky, wind whistling round the basket, huge hot air balloon above the only thing separating you from space, glass of champagne in hand. What could be a better more satisfying experience than your own hot air ballooning session. Especially since we’ve researched the net and found the cheapest hot air balloon experiences in the UK.

Where can I take a hot air balloon flight?

Literally, nationwide. There are surprisingly so many centres for launching hot air balloons that there’s almost sure to be one within reach.
Locations include Bath and Bristol (Avon), Exeter (Devon), Sherborne (Dorset), Buxted (E Sussex), Braintree (Essex), Raglan (Glamorganshire), Daglingworth (Gloucestershire), Basingstoke (Hampshire), Watford (Hertfordshire), Tunbridge Wells (Kent), Edinburgh, Norwich (Norfolk), Roxburgh (Borders), Whitchurch (Shropshire), Stafford (Staffordshire), Eye (Suffolk), Alcester (Warwickshire) and Salisbury (Wiltshire).

Which are the cheapest balloon experiences

We’ve listed all the available balloon experiences for you, so take your pick. The cheapest are the shortest and usually on a weekday rather than weekend. The dearer ones are more exclusive and have more extras. But our prices are updated in real time so you can be sure these are the best prices at the moment, and also that you see any special offers here first.
And it’s interesting to see that some of the very cheapest ones include Champagne before you set off, for that luxury touch!

If you’re stuck for a gift idea for Christmas, birthday or anniversary, then what better gift could there be than a romantic balloon flight for two? A gift experience like a balloon flight shows just how much you care.

Hot air balloon review

You can buy the cheapest flights quite cheaply with the current offers, but you’re limited in location, you share with a number of other passengers, it takes place on a weekday rather than at the weekend, but you still get the proper ballooning experience and a memorable flight to enjoy.
The experiences increase in price as you move to the weekend, to less passengers (so more exclusivity), and to more extras with your flight. Check out the detail of the ones you’re interested in to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want, when and where you want it. But for such a thrilling experience, even the higher priced flights are well worth it. Imagine the memories and photographs you’ll take away with you. Picture the time you’ll have reliving the balloon flight with your friends, and how envious they’ll be.

Balloon flight experiences naturally are not the cheapest experiences, but then you get what you pay for, and we’ve not found anybody who wasn’t thrilled with their hot air balloon flight and found it amazing value for money.

And imagine the delight as one of your special friends or relatives receives a balloon flight as a special gift instead of a boring, traditional present!

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