Cheapest paintballing experience

If you’re looking for a cheap experience that gets your adrenaline pumping and gives you a fantastic day out with your mates, then paintballing is for you. This is one of the cheapest experiences of all, but one of the most exciting.

How do these experiences work?

It’s you, in a cool ninja suit, armed with your gas-powered semi-automatic, against the rest. You first get familiar with your weapon, a gas-powered semi-automatic gun that fires paintballs with deadly accuracy. You then get kitted out with your ninja camouflage suit and headgear, helping you to fade away into the background when the battle starts. And then let battle commence!

There are many amazing battle scenarios to choose from, in which you’ll be able to find out if you’re destined to be Terminator, or just cannon fodder! It hurts a bit when you get shot, but it’d be no fun if it didn’t!

Typically, you get 100 shots so that should be plenty to show the others who’s boss.

So what are the cheapest paintballing experience days?

We’ve found all the cheapest ones, to save you the trouble. We’ve made sure they’re all big suppliers, and all the prices are updated in real time so you know you can’t get cheaper. Check them out here:

Where can I paintball?

The other good news, apart from the price, is that you can enjoy one of these thrilling experiences at loads of different locations throughout the UK. Paintballing is one of the most widely available experiences there is, so there’s bound to be a centre for it near you.

Paintballing on your own or in a group?

You can go on your own and you’ll find a whole bunch of other would-be soldiers there to battle with, but most people take a group of mates, or a team from the office.

You’ll find it’s far more fun creeping up on the boss and splatting him with your ammo, or showing your mates that you’re not to be messed with when it comes to armed combat! And it’ll certainly make a welcome change from strolling off down the pub for a get-together. You’ll see from the list, that you can buy experiences for any number of people, from one upwards, and if you’re in a small team, once you arrive you’ll probably put in a larger team anyway.

It’s certainly a cheap thrill, so there’s no excuse for you not having a go. Or are you scared???

Note: You’ll see that we’ve included TANK Paintballing experiences in the list – they’re what everyone is doing now, so you might like to give that a try too!!

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