Cocktail making experience

Learn the secrets of cocktail mixology from the experts – it’s like wine tasting but with a bit more oomph.  With an exclusive masterclass in how to create your own fabulous sophisticated cocktails, you can enter the luxurious, high class world where these sophisticated drinks are enjoyed. Find out just what goes into these coveted concoctions and the tips and tricks that will enable you to mix your own.

Where are the cocktail mixing classes?

Cocktail mixing is a highly refined art, and the centres of excellence for these exclusive classes are in Bristol, Bath and Birmingham, along with Mayfair and Soho in London.


What’s the deal? Cocktail making experience review

Apart from the one with High Tea, all the experiences follow a similar pattern.

There’s a warm welcome and an introduction to the history and etiquette of cocktails, so you know the origins and lineage of what you’re about to be privileged to learn.

Then your instructor will take you through the mixing of a number of these top flight drinks, showing you how it’s done, and how it’s not done. You’ll find out whether it should REALLY be “shaken not stirred”.

And then you get hands-on and try your hand at mixing your own cocktails to put into practice the skills you have learnt.

There’s plenty of tasting involved, of course, so this can end up quite a boozy experience – but all in the interests of science so that makes it OK. Just remember that you won’t be driving home, so go by public transport or arrange for a kind friend or relative to pick you up afterwards. And you will then be able to thank them by making them a special cocktail all of their own, when you get home, to put your new found skills into practice.

If you choose one of the experiences with high tea included, then it’s still a mixology class (mixology is what the pros call the art of mixing a cocktail, in case you hadn’t guessed) – but with the addition of a classy, stylish high tea courtesy of that most elegant establishment Hush in Mayfair. It’ll be a high tea of subtlety and flair in Hush’s famous Silver Room with exquisite food hinting at the cocktail mixing experience to come. This high tea will put you in just the right mood and ambience for the mixology class to follow, where you will be instructed in the art of cocktail making, see the tricks and wrinkles of how it’s done, and then try your hand at mixing a couple of cocktails of your own.

It costs a little more, but we found it infinitely worth it, and it added immensely to our enjoyment and appreciation of the instruction in this fine art.

All the top experience companies sell the same set of cocktail mixing experiences (and we only use the top companies, so you can be sure of a great experience and value for money). So once you’ve picked out your preferred cocktail masterclass, then we recommend you buy on price. Our list above gives you all the experiences that are available from the top providers, with prices updated in real time so you’ll be able to compare prices and know you can’t buy cheaper. And you’ll also have the advantage of being the first to see any special offers.

Cocktail making experience as a gift

And don’t forget that one of these exclusive experiences will make a fabulous gift for that sophisticated person you know – male or female – who just loves cocktails, but would like to know more about the history and mythology of this drink of the gods, with the aim of learning the skills and know how to make cocktails like the pros do, in their own home.

You know who I mean, don’t you? Imagine the look on their face as they receive this wonderful gift, then compare it with the look you’d see if you gave them something boring and traditional like DVDs, sweaters, chocolate experiences, flowers, socks, need I go on?

Make their heart glad, and get yourself seen as imaginative, thoughtful, generous and sophisticated all at the same time. A win-win situation.

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