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Cookery classes for two

Cookery classes for two
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Learn to cook – for two

It’s often said that the more things that couples find to do together and the more common interests they have, then the better the relationship will be. And we’ve teamed up with our partner Giftideasfortwo to bring you a select number of Cookery for Two lessons that should foster your common interest in food and cooking, provide an immensely enjoyable shared experience, and a sound basis for future sharing.

Ideal as a gift idea, or an any time experience for couples everywhere, these cookery experiences are just for two!

What are your recommended cookery experience days?

Have a look at our recommendations below, all featuring our real time price updater for the best prices, and choose the type of cookery class that is the one for you.

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Cookery for two experience review

Our selection of the perfect classes in kitchen technique for two covers experiences throughout the UK, from Edinburgh down to London, so there’s sure to be one within reach for you and your partner.
And all tastes are catered for too. Do the pair of you love Japanese food – sushi, sashimi and other classics of Japanese cuisine? Then there’s a master of Japanese cooking waiting in his friendly kitchen to show you how it’s done, and pass on to you the secrets and techniques that you need to be able to prepare your own mouthwatering Japanese dishes at home. And with the both of you learning together, you’ll be amazed how much more memorable everything is than doing a cookery course for one.

Or for lovers of fish and seafood – and who isn’t? – there’s a whole class devoted to preparing and cooking fish in a variety of really useful ways. After this class, gone will be the fish fingers and the frozen cod fillets, and in will be knowledgeable visits to the fishmonger and a whole new enjoyment to seafood and fish cookery.

If you are in on the current trend in entertaining at home, then imagine yourselves on an experience dedicated purely to the arts and crafts of home entertaining. Learn the tips of preparation and presentation, and ask all the questions you’ve always wanted answered. Your expert instructor loves to help, so the more questions the merrier.

Thai, Asian food or curry making? You guessed it, we’ve selected the best experience to cater for you when it comes to these gastronomic delights.

All of these experiences will serve to give you both a rewarding time learning together a useful skill that you can build on when you get home. But our Top Recommendation is for the full day cookery course for two with a top chef from the Smart School of cookery. The Smart School is deservedly famous for the quality of its tuition and the patience and knowledge of its tutor chefs. And we find that a full day will give you much that much more of an insight into learning the cookery process together and is well worth the extra cost.
Make it a special present to each other – you deserve it.

Are these private cookery courses?

No they’re not. We specifically chose couples experiences where the pair of you can learn together with a small group of other enthusiasts. Learning in a small class we find so much more rewarding than individual tuition, and that you learn so much more when other people are learning the art from their own perspective and asking questions that you might not have thought of till you’d got home!

And the social element is also important as you’ll find the interaction with like minded amateur cooks a key part of your enjoyment of your experience.
Class sizes vary from about ten to twenty, so check on the one you’re choosing to know what to expect.

Do we need to be good cooks already?

Definitely not. If you’re already accomplished in the kitchen and have several favourite dishes that you can prepare and be proud of, then so much the better.
But if you’re a complete beginner, then that’s fine too. The chefs who will instruct you on these courses are used to dealing with all skill levels from beginner to expert, and will easily teach everyone at their own pace. so no worries on that score at all.

So in summary, if you both have an interest in food, and are looking for something to do together that enhances your knowledge and builds your relationship, then these carefully selected cookery classes for two are ideal.



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