Dumper truck racing experiences

Never thought about dumper truck driving or dumper truck racing? We’ll warn you, it’s loud, intense and addictive! And we’ve found some great prices for dumper truck driving experiences in the UK.

This is our most popular Dumper Racing experience day

Yes, it’s a dumper truck and you get to race it!

Or if you prefer, here is the full list of dumper truck experiences to choose from.

So I get to race a real dumper truck?

Yes indeed, they’re the real thing just like you’d drive if you worked on a building site, but with a couple of modifications for racing. But remember that you will need to be at least 17 with a full valid driving licence. Just to show that you’re used to handling vehicles.

What happens on a dumper experience?

Well firstly, there’ll be a bunch of other people there or there’d be nobody to race!
It’s becoming popular to have a few mates go together on one of these racing experiences, so people from your football team or office team would really enjoy going together and racing each other. You can buy tickets for the same experience session to make sure you’re all there together. But if not, don’t worry. Lots of people go on their own and race the other people who turn up on the day. You’ll even make some new friends.

And remember, it’s racing so everybody there will want to win and be the best dumper truck driver on the day!

A dumper truck experience makes a fantastic unusual gift idea for Christmas, or that special birthday or anniversary.

Just imagine, they’re expecting the usual sweater or socks, bubble bath or iTunes voucher. And instead they open your brilliant dumper truck experience voucher instead! How’s that for an amazing surprise?
They’ll be thanking you long after the experience is over and done with, and many many people find they go back time and again.

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