Escape room experience days

You’ve seen it on the movies, so let’s see if it’s true!
Escape room experiences are an amazing fun thing to do, on your own or with a bunch of mates or colleagues.Solve the clues and get out in time. Do you think you’re up to it??

Our most popular escape room experience days

Use your skill, judgment and cunning to outwit the secrets of the room, open the locks and get out before your time runs out!
You’ll need to work together, so you can go with a bunch of friends if you like, or just work with the other like-minded people who book the same escape room experience as you.

These experience days are very popular, and there’ll be one to hand in most parts of the UK

What happens on an escape room experience?

You get locked in a room with a bunch of other people, and have to solve a number of clues and riddles to get out.
You won’t be blown up or die of hunger if you fail, but who wants to stay locked in when all it takes is a bit of clueing and puzzling to get out??

These experience days are really a lot of fun, and deservedly popular. Do you think you’re clever enough to solve the clues and beat the baddies who’ve got you locked in there?

AND remember when that birthday or anniversary comes round that one of these makes a fantastic gift idea for a friend or relative – young or old makes no difference so long as they’re quick thinking.
See their eyes light up when they open the voucher and see what you bought them!!