Feed big cats – they’re Grrrrreat!

Visiting a zoo is all very good, but you can only get so close to the animals. How many times have you looked at the lions, tigers and other cats and thought how cool it would be get up close to them – to feel their catty breath on you and hear their deep bassy purring.

The stars of the zoo for most people are the big cats, and who wouldn’t like to get up close and personal with one of these noble, powerful beasts? Imagine the photo opportunities, the videos you can post on Youtube, the memories that will last and last.

This week’s top offers for feeding big cats

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These are the big cat experiences available from all the big experience companies. These prices are right up to the second, so you can be sure you’re getting the very best deals available.

What’s the difference between these big cat feeding days?

They’re pretty much the same great cat-feeding day out – you have to pay more if you want the experience on a weekend, and you have to pay more for more people (obviously). But as we always say, these experience companies all sell experiences at the same places, so we recommend that you buy from the cheapest.

Most of these big cat experiences are based in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. It’s a lovely animal park about 20 miles north of the M25, and it’s where you’ll find a lot on animal experiences. They have a more hands-on attitude than most zoos, the animals seem to have a better quality of life than in a lot of other zoos and game parks, and you can tell the animals appreciate it.

In fact, that’s where our favourite zookeeper for a day experience is held too. The really interesting thing is that on the zookeeper day, you don’t get to feed any big cats, which is why this particular experience day is SO FULL OF CATS!

What happens on these feline experiences?

Check out the individual itineraries on the links above, but usually you turn up, have a briefing and a cup of tea, then spend some quality time with lions, tigers and other big cats.  

You get to feed them (in safety of course, so they don’t bite your arm off), but this does mean that they come very very close.
They look you in the eye, purr with anticipation, and may even growl if they think you’re not handing over the grub fast enough. And these bad boys can really eat, so they want lots of meat each meal and they want it fast.
These lads may look furry and cuddly enough, but they’re wild animals and would probably much rather have you for dinner than what you’re feeding them, which is why your keeper will show you the ropes, the trick of feeding them properly in total safety,keep a close eye on you all the time, and make sure you get out of there all in one piece with some brilliant memories.

One thought on “Feed big cats – they’re Grrrrreat!

  • January 10, 2013 at

    We had a long trip to Hertfordshire and a long wait while they talked to us about health and safety and about lions and their food. But the 20 minutes of actually feeding these animals is well worth it.

    And you can’t blame the lions for me living nowhere near them!

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