Flyboarding experience

It’s wet, it’s wild and it’s wacky. It’s what everybody is talking about, so climb aboard those jets and let’s get flyboarding!

This is the most popular Flyboarding experience day

It’s the coolest, it’s run by the top people and it’s great value for money.

What is flyboarding?

Well if you’ve been on an expedition to the Amazon basin for the past two years and not been in touch with humanity, you may not have heard that flyboarding is the very latest craze to sweep the nation. Forget Zombie battles, dragster racing, paragliding and think jetpacks, water, vertical ascents and hovering.

The way it works is ingenious and copied from “Thunderball“, that James Bond film where he straps a jetpack on to his back and flies off into the air to escape the baddies from SPECTRE. Only using water.
You strap on a set of special hydraulically powered boots connected to a gigantic hosepipe, turn on the water and up you go high into the air.
With a bit of practice, you can control the rate of ascent so that you hover, dash up high, or plunge down low – in fact more control than you could ever imagine. Ten metres in the air is not unusual, and if you’ve never been hovering ten metres in the air, then let me assure you that it’s a long way up!

Since this fun gadget uses water, and lots of it, you can expect to get a little damp, to say the least. It happens on a river or lake (or even a harbour where you’re in the briny itself) so large expanses of water and bone dry aren’t usually things you’d mention in the same sentence.
Because our waters tend to be on the cool side, you’ll normally be provided with a dry suit to wear over your normal clothes and keep you dry(ish), but it makes sense to take a change of clothing and a towel.
So this extreme sport is not one for the water-shy.

You get about thirty to forty minutes flyboarding on your adrenaline day, with one on one instruction from an expert in the field so you’ll get up and running in the fastest possible time and know how to use the awesome power of water in complete safety. But this is one hairy experience, so not one for the infirm or anyone who’s not physically fit. There’s a minimum age limit of 16 or 18 depending on where you go, and a maximum of 80, as well as a weight limit of 20 stone or thereabouts.

Right, that’s enough talk, so let’s get flyboarding! Treat yourself to our recommended experience, or check out the full list below of all those you can buy in the UK. It’s updated every day with real time prices so you can be sure you’re getting a bargain, and because we shop around for you, you don’t have to.

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