Full Monty tank driving experience – it’s the best

Come on, admit it, you’ve always wanted to drive a tank. But why drive just one of these bad boys when you can have the Full Monty? We’ve reviewed this experience and we liked what we saw and were very impressed at what you get for your money.

Imagine pounding over all terrain, engines screaming, huge steel tracks thundering, cannons roaring. Who wouldn’t want a tank experience?

If you’re looking for tanks and armoured vehicles, and want the very best there is, featuring the greatest variety of armoured vehicles possible all in one place and under the control of your right foot, and second place is not good enough for you, then look no further than this king of tank experience days – thunder around in tanks all day shooting stuff, crushing stuff and having the best time ever.

It’s not the cheapest tank experience by any means, but none of the others comes close, in our opinion, and if you can afford it, then this is the one we recommend.

Here are the cheapest experiences on the net today. Don’t worry, it’s all the same experience, just different prices!

The Full Monty Tank Driving Experience Day with Lunch - Virgin Experience Days Voucher

£349.00  in stock
as of December 30, 2021

Drive some of the most powerful and feared military vehicles in the world with this Full Monty Tank Day. You’ll be kitted out in a camouflage suit and helmet before taking the controls of a selection of incredible vehicles such as a 432 Armoured Personnel Carrier, Springer, Stormer, and Russian...

Full Monty review – what happens on this experience?

You start the session with an essential safety briefing, as while fun is the order of the day, it’s got to be safety first when dealing with these steel Goliaths. It doesn’t take long, but it does tell you what you need to know.
Then before you know it, you go straight into hands-on action for the tank driving experience to remember.

And here is a list of tanks and armoured vehicles on offer.
You’ll feel like you’re ruler of the world in the legendary Russian Gvozdika tank . This monster weighs in at a mighty 16 tons and is 25 feet long. And not only that but it towers nine feet off the ground.

Then there’s the trusty FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier (or APC as you’ll call it after your tank experience) and an amphibious Hagglund  carrier. And then on to the amazing  Rapier rocket carrier and Lance missile carrier. It’s nearly too much excitement for one day – but we think you’ll manage it!

In between thrashing around in tanks and armoured vehicles, you’ll find time for firing muskets and mortars, shooting clays and going on a woodland patrol just like the SAS do.

It’s all action, but then that’s what you’re looking for on this armoured vehicles day out, isn’t it?

And for the climax of the day, you’ll climb right up into  the 56 tons of raw, growling steel that make up the world famous Chieftain tank. And even better, the day’s best driver will get hands on, take the controls and use all of the Chieftain’s  mighty power and weight to crush a car while everyone stands in the cockpit cheering and shouting.

Where can I enjoy the Full Monty?

There aren’t many places in the UK with all these tanks and the terrain to drive them on, so this Full Monty experience takes place only at Brackley in Northamptonshire on classic tank terrain – the rougher the better.

Where do I find the cheapest Full Monty?

This experience is marketed by a number of experience day providers, but it’s exactly the same from them all. We’ve brought them all together in one place for you with prices updated in real time, so you can see straight away which is the cheapest place to buy. You also get the benefit of any special offers as soon as they come out, so you can be sure you can’t buy cheaper.
And note that we only recommend these top experience providers as we know them to be reliable, reputable and to give good value for money and we can be sure you’ll get a good experience from them.
Check out the detail on the links below and you can buy there and then online while the price holds.


Full Monty makes a great gift

We know it’s not a cheap experience, but in this instance we’re convinced you get what you pay for and for a budding action man (or action woman) this adventure-packed armoured vehicle day will remain forever in the memory, and will make a brilliant gift for that special occasion. And because you can buy double experiences, you could even send them with a friend to make the day extra special.
And of course if you don’t fancy going on this yourself but buy it as a gift for someone, then you must make a point of going along as official photographer to take snaps and videos (lookout Youtube!).
It’s a five star experience all the way.

2 thoughts on “Full Monty tank driving experience – it’s the best

  • January 5, 2013 at

    Wife purchased the Full Monty day for me and it was super!

    Drove lots of military vehicles but also shot clay pigeons and fired muskets, so it’s not just driving tanks. It’s a real bloke-a-thon.

    I went alone but i’d recommend you take a guest along and they can take photos and enjoy the lectures, and for a bit of extra cash they can ride along in the tanks.

    • January 5, 2013 at

      Yep, it’s a real man’s day! But a surprising number of ladies buy the Full Monty tank experience too.

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