Make your own jewellery

Making your own jewellery can be a lot easier than you think. And if you show a flair and sparkle at it, you could even turn it into a very profitable sideline as many people who went on this creative experience have proved.

What’s the best jewellery making experience?

We’ve brought all of them on the web together in one place for you, so you can pick out the best one for you – and you’ll also be the first to see any special offers. Just click to check them out, choose the one you fancy and you can book there and then while it’s still available.

Jewellery making experience review

So what’s the deal with these classes? Well, to start with, they’re costume jewellery of course. No real diamonds, precious stones, chunks of gold are involved, and you wouldn’t expect that. But for stunning, eye-catching personal jewellery, rings, bangles, necklaces, pendants for day to day wear or for that special occasion then this course is what you need.

And because you’ll learn how to conceive and design your pieces as well as how to use the individual parts to bring your design to life, this means that you’ll be able to custom make that special item to match each of your outfits and have a personalised range of jewellery that’s limited only by your imagination. Some of the courses are marked “for beginners”, but you’ll find that no experience is required for any of them, and if you consider yourself just reasonable artistic and nimble-fingered, then you should be able to enjoy and benefit from any of the experiences on offer.

For most of the courses, you’ll have to choose whether you want to make a ring, bangle, cufflinks, pendant etc., while the longer courses do sometimes tend to cover a wider range of bling, though in either case you’ll get techniques and tips that will help you to make all kinds of jewellery when you get home.

The aim on this experience is not so much to make a piece or two to take home, which is fine in itself, but to learn the design and manufacturing techniques and types of material and how they’re used, so that we can apply these at home and build on what we have learnt. And this is why we think that if you’re interested in making your own jewellery, then one of the longer full day courses is much better value. You’ll have more hands-on practice under professional supervision, have more time to discuss your ideas and problems with the experts, and in general receive a much more solid immersion in the art and craft of making your own costume jewellery than the shorter experiences can offer.

In all the experiences there’s usually a group of only four or so learners per professional tutor, so there’s plenty of opportunity to learn and tackle your own individual questions. And we found it good to exchange ideas with other like minded people and you may well make new friends too.

There’ll be help with your designs and in how to design jewellery at the start, and plenty of the different materials to use on the day. You’ll find that selecting the best materials for your piece is one of the most important aspects of the craft, and we were amazed at the wide range and variety of materials that are available for home jewellery making.

Where can I learn?

You need to check out the individual offers to be sure as locations do change from time to time, but they tend to be concentrated round London, St Albans and Manchester, so within easy reach of most people.

Jewellery making for profit and fun

Many people take one of these experiences with a view to eventually setting up a small business supplying friends and colleagues, and even a wider market with custom made designer pieces. So once you’ve made a few pieces, perhaps done a bit more learning and research and feel confident that you’ve mastered the art and can produce stunning items of jewellery to your own satisfaction, then it’s not a big step to widening your range and making to order, perhaps to match special clothing or outfits, or just fulfilling your creative instincts and making beautiful eye-catching pendants, rings or bangles to sell at a craft fair.

How you use the skill is up to you, but if you like jewellery and have an artistic flair, then this may be an avenue you’d like to consider.
If not, then you’ll certainly find fulfilment in creating pieces of lovely jewellery just for yourself.

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