Learn curling

Learn curling in England!

Yes that’s right, you’ve seen it on TV on the Winter Olympics and long to have a go at this brilliant sport, but don’t live in Scotland.
Well fear not, there is England’s own dedicated curling rink down in sunny Kent, well within reach of everyone who lives in the South of England. And this winter Sports experience offers you a full hour’s personal tuition by a qualified curling instructor.

You might turn into a future Olympian, but even if you’ve no great talent for it, you’ll discover straight away that curling is great fun.
Feel the weight of the curling rocks, each one individually crafted from the granite of Ailsa Craig , thrill to sliding down the sheet (that’s the ice pitch on which you play) as you try your hand at sweeping in front of the stone as it swishes down towards the house (that’s the target at the other end). See if you can hit the button (that’s the centre of the target) and learn a little about the tactics of this tremendous game that’s been called “chess on ice”.

We’re pretty sure that one session will be enough to get you hooked – curling is a great social sport too -so get your experience booked now while the season lasts – as you’d expect it’s a winter sport, so the rink closes for the summer.

Curling experience as a gift

As you’d expect, this experience makes a brilliant gift surprise and as it’s suitable for all ages from 11 upwards and no great fitness is required either.
You’ll wonder why you never thought of it earlier.

NOTE: As we said above, curling is a winter sport, so if there are no experiences listed, you’ll need to check again in the colder weather.

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