Meet a giraffe – a tall animal experience

For an unusual experience, if you like animals with a difference, then how about meeting a giraffe and getting up close and personal with the cheerful, quirky character with the long long neck? We think you’ll love it- we did!

It’s an old pub quiz question, that if a human has seven vertebrae in its neck, how many does a giraffe have? Well this is your chance to meet the keeper, meet the giraffe himself, and find out.

Cheapest giraffe experience

These tall animal experiences are as rare as hens’ teeth, but we’ve searched the net, using only the reputable experience providers that we know and trust, and come up with everything there is.

We’ve even added a real time price comparison so you know you’re looking at the latest price and the cheapest experience you can get.

As giraffe meet and greets come onto the market or go off, the table below will show every one that is available at present, so it’s your one-stop animal-with-a-long-neck shop! (If there are no giraffe meet and greets, then we’ll show some relevant zookeeper experiences where you should be able to fit in some time with one )

Giraffe experience review

So what happens?

Well firstly you get free entry into the zoo, zoological garden or wildlife park that features the experience. So if you were going to go and have a look at and maybe photograph lots of other animals too, then that’s the entry fee saved.

Then you go to the giraffe enclosure at the appointed time and get to spend up to half an hour with the keeper and the big lad him or herself. There’s sometimes a couple of other people on the same experience at the same time, so you need to check out the detail so you know what you’re getting.

But anyway, since these fine creatures are a little taller than you, you’ll generally be able to meet them eye to eye by mounting a specially built platform that’s near the level of their heads. They’re pretty docile and friendly animals, so are happy to approach you, look into your eyes and let you feed them little branches and leaves from your hand, which with something six metres tall (that’s 20 feet if you’re over 40) and tipping the scales at over a tonne, is quite mind-blowing.

And as well as having long necks, these guys have amazingly long tongues too as you’ll find when they start eating the leaves. Giraffes really are a wonder of nature, and if you’ve done the feeding meerkats, swimming with dolphins and befriending the red pandas, will certainly bring you a whole new dimension in animal experiences.

We’re often told that the keepers make these experiences memorable as much as the animals, and you can count on the keeper being enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helpful. After all, these guys do the job because they love it and they love the animals, and their enthusiasm is infectious. So they’ll have lots of amusing and interesting tales to tell, and be happy to answer all your giraffey questions.

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