Missed the essex lion? There are plenty more here

If you’ve been sitting in a cave for the last few days, you’ll not know about the Essex lion – a big cat spotted roaming the streets of south England.

The alarm was raised by a terrified man who ran screaming from the animal. But after scrambling helicopters and searching the area for 24 hours, police have suggested that rather than a ferocious big cat, what has really been stalking the area is really a big ginger tom cat, with furry ears and a big angry face.

And we think that’s a shame. Here at Best Experiences we think you can never have too many lions. (Unless you’re in a boat or something, or a submarine).

But don’t be disappointed that the Essex lion is only a gigantic moggy,┬ábecause there are plenty of real lions around Hertfordshire and Kent, and you can feed them by hand! Take a look at our experiences where you can get close up with a big cat, and even feed one.

And because these are real lions (and tigers) in these experiences, you won’t have to clear their litter and tickle their whiskers – they’re more than happy with a piece of raw steak. Nom nom nom.

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