Personal shopping experience

This is THE experience for girls, the one that women have always longed for, and even the thing that many men appreciate too (though some of them pretend not to!).
This personal shopping trip, with your own dedicated personal stylist, will open your eyes to a whole new world and a whole new you.

Where do I buy a personal shopper experience?

We work with major reputable experience providers, and have brought together here all the ones on the net.
And our real time price checker will save you shopping around (no pun intended 🙂 ).

Review – what’s the deal?

You may have seen the likes of Gok Wan on TV, and if so you’ll have a fair idea of what a personal stylist/personal shopper can do for you.
Basically they use their skill, fashion experience and personal judgement to assess your clothing style and preferences, give advice on how to achieve the look and effect you want, and take you round the shops to show you in practice what this means and help you purchase the outfit(s) you want to make you look and feel a million dollars.

There are two basic types of personal shopping trip you can give, or buy for yourself:
The first one is where you pay for the shopper’s time and advice, go on a tour of high street shops in selected major cities to examine, try on and select clothes. And anything you spend on clothes comes extra and is paid directly to the fashion shop you buy from.
The second experience, which we recommend as we think it represents far better value, is where your personal stylist is exclusive to a House of Fraser store, and the cost of the day includes clothes vouchers which you can spend so that the cost of the shopper and his/her advice is actually very small when you take off the cost of the vouchers.
We also like the idea with this second type that both you and your personal buyer know what your budget is, so there’s no embarrassing questions about money and much less danger of overspending or indeed underspending on your trip. And of course House of Fraser stock some of the best known and well-respected designer brands all under one roof so you can be sure of quality, style and reputation in your purchases.

For all these experiences, you should be asked to complete a questionnaire beforehand to allow the personal shopper to get some insight into your preferences and way of life, and to help him or her to research likely areas of interest before the day.
You then get to spend typically two or three hours with your shopper, and we’ve not met anybody yet who hasn’t been surprised and delighted at the knowledge and insight of their own consultant. They can not only show you how to choose exactly the right clothes that you’re looking for, but open your eyes to styles and apparel that you wouldn’t in a thousand years have considered, but which may suit you even more than what you originally thought you wanted.

What kind of people is this experience suitable for?

The nice thing is that a personal shopping session is suitable for just about everybody.

For people who hate to shop, it will give you the rules to guide you when you can’t avoid buying clothes (unless you actually want to look like a scarecrow, in which case you might try a zombie battle experience!) and make your garment-buying as quick, easy and pain-free as possible. And who knows, when it’s that simple, you might actually come to enjoy it a little bit!

For people who love to shop, your stylist will show you how to make the most of what you already like, and set your mind whirling with new and original fashion ideas to throw a whole new light on your future wardrobe-stocking trips.If you’re a shopaholic, then you’ll become a shopaholic with style!

And for those in the middle, Mr or Ms Average, who enjoy looking fashionable, but don’t want to go over the top, are not quite sure what is right for them and need reassurance,guidance and a path forward in their clothes buying, your shopper will provide just that. Don’t be worried that they’re all like Gok Wan and end up parading you on the catwalk in your undies – they’re definitely NOT, and they’re far more in touch with ordinary people than that. These stylists know that above all, it’s important that you feel comfortable and at home in what you wear, and you’ll sense that straight away.

Personal shopping gift

We’d recommend a gift of the House of Fraser personal shopper days as the ideal gift, to delight women of all ages and types. You can select the value of the experience to suit your budget, and effectively you’re not only giving the gift of a session with a top personal stylist, but you’re giving just the right clothes too from House of Fraser’s top ranges of designer wear. And how often can you give clothes to and be confident that they’ll fit, be stylish, suit the wearer and be appreciated???
Well this is you chance. Fill your boots.

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