Pottery experience – throw a pot or paint ceramics

If you’re looking for an artistic experience that’s hands on, gives you a great day out and creates a totally unique artistic product for you to take home, then this pottery experience is the one for you.

This week’s top selling pottery experience

Maybe it’s the Great Pottery Throw Down, but we’ve been selling loads of pottery experiences lately. Here’s the top seller, it’s a chance to use a real potter’s wheel and take home the finished product. We really recommend it!

Haven’t you always fancied throwing a pot on the potter’s wheel, making a plate, a bowl or a jug?

Or have you admired some of the classic bone china, porcelain or ceramic designs of the masters (Antiques Roadshow anybody?) and longed to hand-paint your own pottery? Then look no further.

What are the cheapest pottery experiences?

Just check them out for yourself on the list below.

We’ve brought all the pottery and ceramic experiences in the UK together in one place for you in real time. And you’ll also be the first to see and take the benefit of any special offers.

So what happens? Pottery experience review

There are two main types of pottery experience.

The first is a ceramic decoration class, where you get to design and create your own painted ceramic. This particular experience can be enjoyed in locations throughout the country, so if this is your artistic bent, then there should be a porcelain painting experience reasonably near where you live.

You can take along your own designs, or get inspiration on the day with help from the teacher, and then you get instruction in the techniques and mysteries of ceramic decoration together with first class hands-on guidance from your expert pottery decorating instructor. And needless to say, when you’ve put the finishing touches to your unique, hand-decorated piece, then it will be glazed and fired for you and you can either collect it or have it posted out to you so that it can have pride of place in your house – though we know people who are so proud of what they’ve produced that they have taken their decorated plate to the office where it’s on display for all their colleagues to admire.

The second (and the one we prefer, being active types who like to get our hands dirty) is throwing a pot on a wheel.

In the days before machine-made china, this used to be the main way to produce bowls, jugs and plates, so it’s almost a trip back in time, though the craft of the potter is still kept alive by enthusiasts worldwide, so you’re in good company. This potter’s wheel experience is available only at the world famous Wedgwood visitor centre in Stoke on Trent, which is pretty central to England so you’ll be able to reach it easily from much of the country.

It includes a tour of the factory, with access to the history of pottery covering its heyday in “The Potteries” right up to the present day.

There’s also a delicious lunch in the visitor centre restaurant, and a hands-on pot-throwing session where under the expert guidance of a pottery master you get your hands literally dirty by creating your own piece of pottery on the traditional potter’s wheel.

Your creation will be fired to make it permanent and sent on to you after the experience, so you can display it and remind yourself of this fabulous pottery trip.

There are also gifts from the Wedgwood shop as a further memento of your day out, with gift type and value depending on the grade of your experience. The basic one includes a two course lunch, pot-throwing (or, if you prefer, painting) session and a nice gift.

The deluxe experience costs more but gives you a three course lunch, pot-throwing (or painting) session and a couple of gifts.It’s up to you which you prefer – but we suggest that as the cost of the deluxe pottery experience is very little more, then it’s worth the extra to make your day the best it can be.

Either way, our price comparison will keep you up to date with the latest prices and offers so you’ll be sure to get the very best value for money on your ceramic experience.

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