Reptile experience – handling lizards and creepy crawlies

Are meerkats too cuddly for you? Monkeys too friendly? Pandas too furry?
Do you prefer your wild animals without fur? In fact, do you fancy getting up close and personal with reptiles, creepy crawlies and the like?
Then if you’re within reach of the famous Paradise Wildlife Park at Broxbourne in Hertfordshire, we’ve got just the thing for you. A real life reptile experience. The only one of its kind in the country. So check it out if you think you’re hard enough!

Reptile experiences (and these include spiders!!)

They’re all at the same place, Paradise Wildlife Park, and all the same experience – the Red Letter Days one just gives you longer with your scaly friends – so you can buy from whichever is cheapest at the time. Our real time price checker keeps the prices bang up to date for you.

What’s the deal with this experience? Reptile experience review

Firstly, if you don’t know it (and there must be some people around who don’t!!), the Paradise Wildlife Park at Broxbourne is a wonderful place. They have lots and lots of animals, all contented and cared for in conditions as ideal as possible, and tended by some really wonderful caring staff. And it’s the staff who’ll be looking after you on your experience.
We advise planning to spend the whole day at the wildlife park, as there’s so much to see and enjoy, and you get all-day admission included free with your experience.
Anyway, your experience starts with refreshments while your keeper introduces you to the reptile house and the health and safety rules you need to know to make sure you enjoy your visit.
Then it’s hands on as you shadow the keeper, helping him or her to look after, handle and feed some of the most reptilian and arachnid inhabitants of the planet.
You will have the keeper all to yourself as there aren’t any other visitors in with you at the time, which we found a big plus. Our reptile keeper was a mine of information and listening to his tales and facts was nearly as fascinating as handling the bad boys themselves.
The selection of reptiles and insects/spiders you handle may vary depending on the situation in the reptile house on the day you visit, but there will be Bearded Dragons and Chameleons from the lizard clan, Boa Constrictors and Pythons representing the serpent fraternity, and of course those big hairy lads the Tarantulas leading the charge for the many-legged crew!

You get a little under an hour for the regular experience, longer for the other one, but we found the time we had was about right.
And don’t forget to wear OLD CLOTHES as none of these furless rascals care where they’re putting their feet.

And then just to prove how tough you are, you’ll get a certificate and a commemorative t-shirt as a memento to treasure.

You need to be 14 or over for this experience, so it would be a superb original gift idea for a teen who’s fed up with all the furry cuddly scene and wants something a bit edgier.

But don’t give one to your granny!!!!!!

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