Rock climbing and ice climbing experiences

Got a head for heights? Then these climbing experiences are just for you. You can choose between rock climbing and ice climbing, as well as indoor and outdoor climbing experiences.

This is our most popular climbing experience day

Learn how to climb, from the experts.

Or if you prefer, here is the full list of climbing and ice climbing experiences to choose from.

Do I need climbing experience?

No you definitely do not. The instructors can teach you all you need to know to enjoy your first climbing experience and start learning this fascinating sport.

But of course if you do have a bit of experience, that’s no bad thing either and the instructors can help you tackle harder climbs and develop your skills further. You do need a basic minimum of physical fitness to start climbing, but it’s pretty basic, as the more you climb the more your strength and fitness increases.

What happens on a climbing or ice climbing experience?

The details will vary from one to another, so check out the details of the one you fancy, but generally you’ll be with a handful of other would-be climbers and also receive personal one on one tuition to make sure your climbing day is rewarding and enjoyable.

You’ll know about the indoor climbing walls that have appeared all over the country. But it may surprise you that you can even go ice climbing indoors. Yes there are twelve metre walls of solid ice providing a challenging climb for all levels. So it’s goodbye to frostbite and worrying about the weather, and you can concentrate on your climbing.
Indoor climbing facilities (rock and ice) are available in most of the UK, but but of course you can opt for an outdoor experience if you prefer. You’ll need to be within reach of the mountain experiences for these ones, though.
Specialist climbing equipment will be provided, so you don’t need to worry about bringing your own ice pick!!

Do you know somebody who’d love a climbing experience for Christmas, or that birthday?

Imagine their delight when they open a climbing gift voucher instead of a boring sweater.

And don’t forget that climbing experiences are now a very popular day out for groups of mates, or colleagues from work. Imagine how much more fun it would be than the usual gathering down the pub!

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