Swim with sharks

Swimming with sharks is a mind-blowing experience, and the best bit is you don’t need to be an experienced SCUBA diver to do it. That’s because you’ll be swimming with sharks in a huge aquarium, instead of the open sea, so it’s much safer.

That might disappoint you if you’re hoping for something like the bit in Jaws, where that bloke is in a shark cage and the big fish is trying to get in and snaffle him up. Yes, it’s a big aquarium, but the amazing thing is just how huge these lads look when you’re right there in the water with them. They could still give you a nibble if they wanted.

Where can I do it?

At the time of writing, there are two locations, one in Fife near Dunfermline in Scotland and the other at Ellesmere port in Cheshire. I’ve split  the experiences up by location below, so you don’t end up having to traipse hundreds of miles if there’s one closer to you. And because our shark-search price comparison works in real time, if any new locations are added, or locations are changed, it will be shown in tables below as soon as it happens.

So what are the best shark diving experiences?

We’ve brought all the fishy diving experiences from the top experience providers together here for you, with prices updated in real time so you can compare the offers and make sure of the best deal. It’s your one-stop shop.

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Diving with sharks Q and A

I’ve never dived before and don’t like getting wet
Not strictly a question but a good point – if this is you, these experiences are designed just for you! You’ll normally be issued with a dry suit, which means that the water won’t get inside it and it’ll be warmer than a wet suit. And the first part of your day at the aquarium will be spent showing you the secrets of SCUBA diving, and getting you confident enough under water with the breathing equipment before you get to meet the big guys.

You’ll be getting wetter than if you were driving a ferrari or something, but you’ll still not be as wet as an otter’s pocket.

Are the sharks dangerous?
Well Great Whites are dangerous, as you’ve seen in Jaws, but don’t worry, you’ll be meeting more friendly varieties such as Sand Tiger Shark, Lemon Shark and Southern Stingray. And though they won’t bite you, the sheer size and bulk of these fellows as they swim round you will be enough of an experience. These sharks are inquisitive creatures, and since you’re visiting their home, they’re keen to find out all about you and have a good nosey round to see what you are up to.

They might nuzzle you a bit if they’re feeling very bold but that’s as far as it goes. After all, if a shark came to visit YOU at home you’d be pretty curious and go up to him to have a closer look at what was going on!!

Can I take a friend along?
Yes of course. There’s usually entry to the aquarium for one or two friends (check out the details on the individual experiences) so they can video your exploits and provide you with a lasting memento of your time among the big boys. Your experience will last something like five hours altogether, allowing for changing, SCUBA training and about half an hour in the water finding out what it’s like to be one of the Kings of the Sea.

Would it make a good gift experience?
Yes and no. Not for people in poor health, as they’ll need to complete a medical questionnaire to show they’re fit enough for SCUBA diving. And not for people who are frightened of water or not at home swimming about.

That said, basic swimming and water confidence are all that’s required, so for somebody with an average level of fitness, who can swim a bit and would welcome a bit of excitement then this would be ideal. It would certainly make a better gift than the traditional sweaters, electronic equipment, socks or perfume wouldn’t it. So think about it, who do you know that would benefit from a swimming with sharks experience?

Does someone tell me what to do?
Yep, you’ll be accompanied by a qualified instructor at all times, and it’ll surprise you how soon you feel at home in the fishes’ environment. They’ll teach you all the bits and bobs about SCUBA training and then go on the dive with you.

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      Thanks for your question T, I’ve added a bit more info to the post for you. But the short answer is not at all.
      Having said that, if you’re scared of them, you might be better off doing something less fishy – maybe this.

  • November 23, 2012 at

    The aquarium at Ellesmere Port is gloomy and a rip-off. They haven’t done it up since they built it. BUT the shark dive was brilliant so I say don’t go there UNLESS you’re doing the dive

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