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spy schoolSpy for a day – for your eyes only spy experience

spy schoolSpy for a day – for your eyes only spy experience
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Spy experiences for adults and kids. Your chance to be a spy for a day. So if you thought spy experiences are just for kids, then think again. Far from it.

In fact there are MORE spy experiences for adults wanting to try their hand at being James Bond, than there are for kids, and you wouldn’t believe how popular they are.

Where can I buy a spy experience?

Spy for a day experiences take place in Milton Keynes or Northampton. We could tell you why these two places are the centre of the spy world, but if we did we’d have to kill you!!

So the good news is that if you’re within reach of either of these fine towns, then you’re in luck and you too can learn how to be the cool one from Spooks.

Now as you’d expect, the experiences for kids and for adults are a bit different, so we’ll cover them separately. Kids, read on,

Adults click here to go straight to the spy experiences for adults.

Spy for a day review – kids

Dodge the laser beams to get to the safe

Well the first thing is you’ve got to be aged 10 to 16. You join a kind of Spy School with other would-be spies, and the event is a nice balance of “how to”, such as safecracking, planting bugging devices and hidden cameras and the secrets of codes, and also action adventures, like a laser gun shootout, air rifle firing and dodging laser beams while trying to break into an alarmed room. So you learn some great stuff, and you get to play the all-action hero too.

Your instructors are all experts in their particular field of spying and espionage, and it’s very much a join-in, hands dirty kind of course.

Complete list of kids’ spy experiences

Right, so these are all the experiences you can get,- they’re the same ones but they’re sold by different experience companies. Now if you choose a spy school at Northampton, it’s the same one, nomatter who sells it. Same for Milton Keynes. So go with the cheapest or the best offer. Prices and special offers change quite a bit, so our real time price checker below gives you prices bang up to the minute. It’s your one-stop Spy School shop!

Pick the one you fancy, click the link to check out the details, and you can buy your ticket there and then.

30% Off Kids Spy Academy Picture Red letter days Logo  30% Off Kids Spy Academy £35.00
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Spy Camp For Kids Picture Into the blue Logo  Spy Camp For Kids £39.00
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Kid's Spy Camp Picture Activity Superstore Logo  Kid's Spy Camp £49.00
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Kids Spy Academy Picture Virgin experience days Logo  Kids Spy Academy £49.00
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Kids Spy Academy For Two Picture Virgin experience days Logo  Kids Spy Academy For Two £95.00
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Spy for a day for adults review

The adults’ spy experiences are, as you’d expect, run by ex-members of the police and special forces, so they can talk with authority, and whatever the espionage situation, they’ll have been there, done that and got the T shirt.

You’ll be teamed up with other would-be spies, so the group atmosphere makes it a lot of fun, and groups of friends and work colleagues like to go to spy school and make an occasion of it.

There’s plenty of standard spy stuff like codes, concealed surveillance and so on, but the emphasis is very much on eyeballs out all-action adventure culminating in termination with extreme prejudice (that’s violence to you and me!), so if you want to be the really boring one like Malcolm in Spooks sitting at the computer all day rather than the one who goes out to confront the traitor face to face, then this won’t be the course for you.

But if you long for in-car shooting, movie-style shoot outs with the bad guys and weapons training (ever tried axe-throwing or sniper-rifle firing?) then you’re in for a real treat.

Full list of adult spy experiences

All these are from the reputable experience providers, so you can be confident of a cracking, value for money day out. And because we update prices in real time for you, it’s easy to choose the cheapest one and take advantage of any special offers. All spy schools in Milton Keynes are the same, and similarly for Northampton, so when you’ve chosen the one you want, we’d recommend buying the cheapest. Click on the link to check the detail of the one you’ve chosen, then you can buy with confidence there and then.

Spy Academy Picture Activity Superstore Logo  Spy Academy £49.00
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50% Off Spy Academy Picture Red letter days Logo  50% Off Spy Academy £49.00
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Spy Academy  Buckinghamshire Picture Into the blue Logo  Spy Academy Buckinghamshire £49.00
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Soe Spy School Experience Picture Into the blue Logo  Soe Spy School Experience £60.00
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Full Day Spy Hq Picture Activity Superstore Logo  Full Day Spy Hq £99.00
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Spy Academy Picture Virgin experience days Logo  Spy Academy £99.99
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Full Day Spy Hq For Two Picture Activity Superstore Logo  Full Day Spy Hq For Two £198.00
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Spy for a day as an original gift idea

The great thing about Spy for a day experiences is that they’re fantastic fun, but they’re also surprisingly cheap. So they make an unusual gift at stocking-filler prices. Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions – wouldn’t one of these make a welcome change from the sweaters, socks, scarves and DVDs that turn up so monotonously at present-giving time?

If he (or she) like Spooks or James Bond, is keen for action, and physically fit, then what better present could there be?

Or why not organise a trip for a few mates? A top day out at rock bottom prices.

spy schoolSpy for a day – for your eyes only spy experience4.33333333333Sarah FirminSpy experiences run by experts, for kids or for adults. How good a Spook would you make? Check out the low prices and special offers.

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