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Tea tasting and blending with Master Tea Blender Alex Probyn

Tea tasting and blending with Master Tea Blender Alex Probyn
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If tea is just something you buy in teabags from the supermarket, then this isn’t for you.

But if you know that there’s much more than teabags, sugar and milk to the UK’s favourite drink and long to learn more about this fascinating subject from a master of the art, then read on.

Tea Tasting and Blending with Alex Probyn – Master Tea Blender Review

If there’s something about tea that the famous Alex Probyn doesn’t know, then we haven’t found it. And this is your opportunity to learn first hand about the nature of tea and its history, the different kinds of tea that there are, how to appreciate fine tea and tell the good stuff from the rubbish, how to blend teas for the optimum tea experience, and even the art of tasting tea – which isn’t just getting it down your neck while chatting to your friends.

You’ll be introduced to up to 24 different varieties of tea, which is 20 more than most people know exist. Black tea in its various forms, white tea, green tea and even herbal teas come under the microscope as this world renowned tea master weaves his web and draws you into this refined gourmet world.
And above all, the guy is so charming, fascinating and approachable that you’ll find the three hours or so of this gourmet experience whizz by leaving you full of amazing information and insights, but thirsting for more!

Where do I find this tea tasting experience?

It’s in London. That’s the only drawback if you live in the North or somewhere remote from the capital, but if you do live out of town and make occasional trips there, then it’s a must for you to fit in next time you go.

It’s actually quite a select experience – you’ll find wine tasting across the UK, but we’ve searched the web and the major experience providers for you and this experience is at the time of writing, offered exclusively by Red Letter Days. And because it’s Red Letter Days with their reputation for excellence in experiences, you know you’ll have a quality time and a gourmet day to remember.

Our real time experience search and price checker means that the links below are refreshed real time and so if any others do become available, you’ll see them here first.

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And we must add a footnote that if you’re not keen on wine or alcohol, but want an equivalent taste experience, then this is the one for you. You can safely give this as a gift to your Maiden Aunt and she’ll thank you for it. But more than that, you’ll find all types and ages on the class with you and enjoy a fabulous day while you learn all about the secret and ancient art of tea.

Tea tasting and blending with Master Tea Blender Alex Probyn 4Sarah FirminLearn the art of tea tasting and blending from the Master Tea Blender Alex Probyn

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  1. Tarny Smith /

    I loved it!
    Obviously this is aimed at a certain sort of person, and it’s probably the complete opposite to driving a Ferrari on a track, but this day is perfectly tailored to people who love food, love tea and want to find out more.

    Think of it like a wine tasting instead of steaming mugs of builder’s tea.

    Alex himself is a great expert on tea, and his enthusiasm is catching. He’s really friendly too, and told us all about the different teas and the different things we should be looking for. It hasn’t put me off my normal milky brews, but these teas are completely different to that. It’s a different drink, and i took home some of my special blend to keep at home.

    A shame we had to trek into London, but a good day.

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