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Love green curry and jasmine rice? Are you one of those who’ve bought Pat Chapman’s “Thai Restaurant Cookbook” but want to learn from the author in person and pick up the tips and tricks of Thai cookery? Co you yearn to prepare the perfect Thai dishes in your own home to astound your family and friends? Or do you just love Thai food and want to learn how to make simple dishes for yourself at home? Whichever it is, then we have just the experience for you.
Beginners and experts alike are well catered for on these small cooking classes which concentrate on the preparation of authentic Thai cuisine.

Where can I take a Thai cooking course?

If you’re within reach of Haslemere Surrey, or Rickmansworth Hertfordshire, then you’re in luck.

That’s where the experts hang out, and that’s where you can watch them preparing the most mouth-watering Thai food, learn the secrets of the masters so you can cook them yourself when you get home, and finish off by sampling the wonderful food yourself.

So tell me more about Thai cooking classes

Right, below are the courses available in the UK at the moment. They’re all with experts and provided through the most reputable experience suppliers there are, so you can be assured you’ll get a memorable experience. Click on the one you fancy, half day or full day, and check out the details. Then when you’ve found the right one for you, you can buy online there and then.

Note that our prices are kept bang up to date every single day, so you’re sure to get the best net price available today!

Thai cookery course review

These courses are all run by acknowledged expert chefs who’ve many years of training and experience, and are able to pass on their wisdom to you in an easy to grasp format. They include both the basics and more advanced techniques, so you should come away equipped with the knowhow to create a number of real Thai dishes in your own home from the correct ingredients.
And of course the best part of the cooking is the tasting, so you’ll be encouraged to sample the dishes you’ve watched the Master prepare and learn how they really should taste.

We suggest going in pairs if possible, as we found that with two of us, we could help each other in the food preparation when we got home, and we each remembered some things that the other one had forgotten.

A fabulous gift experience

Yes, I know that YOU like Thai cooking, but what about all the people that you buy presents for? We all know quite a few people who’d just love this cookery experience as a gift – people who’ve always meant to get to grips with the art of Thai cookery, but somehow never got round to it. Well when you present them with a gift experience like this, they’ll have a gift to remember and that will give them knowledge they’ll be able to use in their own kitchens day in and day out.
Now that’s my kind of gift. So check out the courses above, click on the ones you fancy and look at the detail so you know exactly what you’re getting, and good cooking!!

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