Top ten Kids experiences for Christmas – best kids experiences under £100

So there’s no putting it off any longer. The day of reckoning is at hand.

The kids need a wonderful Christmas gift, something they’ll remember, treasure and be able to impress their mates with for the whole of next year. Something to show photos of, make videos of, and even (God forbid!) be grateful enough for to do as they’re told once in a while.

Forget electronics – they’ve got them all, and even if you did get them something, it would be wrong.

Forget clothes – well obviously!

Forget giving them the money – don’t you even care enough to look as though you’ve spent time choosing the perfect present?

But, I hear you gasp, what does that leave us???

Well before you cut your throat or leave the country at the hopelessness of it all, read on. We have the answer.

Your kids need an experience gift for Christmas. Yes, you heard it right, an experience gift.

Experiences come in all shapes and sizes, for kids of all kinds. And with pix to take and videos to record the whole thing from start to finish (that’ll be your job), what better way to come out top with the peer group in the battle of the Christmas presents!!

Kids’ experiences come in a whole range of prices, to suit any pocket. And to help you, we’ve chosen the pick of gift experiences for kids under £100

And you can feel safe in the knowledge that all the experiences we recommend are supplied by our reputable partners, the best Experience suppliers in the business, who without exception will give you an experience to remember and the best value for money.


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