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Trampolining experience days

Trampolining experience days

Trampolining is the new skateboarding! Well actually it’s the new trampolining, as it’s faster to learn than skateboarding and you bounce a lot higher. .

This is our most popular trampoline experience day

Trampoline Lessons Picture Into the blue Logo  Trampoline Lessons £30.00
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Learn the exciting art of trampolining, from the experts.

If you’ve always wanted to bounce up and down on a trampoline – and who hasn’t?? – then it’s now easier and more fun than ever.

Forget buying your own trampoline, carting it home, spending hours erecting it in the back garden only to watch it blown away down the street by the next gust of wind! Trampoline parks have row upon row of top quality tramps for you to bounce on to your heart’s content. It’s never been easier, more convenient or more fun!!

And they’re now so affordable, trampolining experiences, that you’ll be able to enjoy it as often as you want to!

Trampolines & Free Jumping Session Picture Into the blue Logo  Trampolines & Free Jumping Session £10.00
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Two Hour Trampolining Experience Picture Virgin experience days Logo  Two Hour Trampolining Experience £18.00
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Jump In Trampoline Arenas Picture Into the blue Logo  Jump In Trampoline Arenas £19.00
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Trampoline Lessons Picture Into the blue Logo  Trampoline Lessons £30.00
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Two Hour Trampolining Experience For Two Picture Virgin experience days Logo  Two Hour Trampolining Experience For Two £35.00
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What happens on a trampolining experience?

Basically, what it says on the tin! You book your experience on┬áthen just turn up at your local trampoline park – generally it’s a vast indoor space filled with trampolines, so lots of people can have a go at the same time without getting in each other’s way.
They provide you with special non-slip trampoline socks (no bare feet or trainers here! – and it’s up, up and away.

Trampolining experiences tend to come in two hour slots, which give you plenty of time – you’d be amazed how physical just bouncing up and down is –
and you need to wear some appropriate clothing such as a tracksuit to really make the best of the experience.

Is that all I need to know?

You need to check the experience you choose, but generally the minimum age is six years, and anyone under 16 needs to be accompanied by an adult.
And of course you need to be reasonably fit and resilient both to enjoy it and for your own safety. If you’re not too hot on your feet, then this isn’t for you.

AND remember when that birthday or anniversary comes round that one of these makes a fantastic gift idea for a young friend or relative – or even one who’s young at heart.
They’re so affordable that you can treat the whole family! And as a Christmas gift, it is ideal, as you can bounce away in comfort regardless of the weather outside.

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