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Best experience ever for Fathers Day

Best experience ever for Fathers Day
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Surprise your dad with the very best driving experience and give him a day to remember.

All dads are just big boys, at heart – yes even yours!! – and boys like nothing better than big boys’ toys.
And these don’t come any bigger, boyier or toyier than this year’s top Fathers Day gift.

What’s this about then?

Well experiments with men have proven that the thing most coveted by most men is a supercar.
And since your dad is never likely to own one (or why are you wasting your time here? just buy him a helicopter) the next best thing is an experience day where he gets to drive one.

BUT since driving supercars can be a bit of a problem – in particular which one do you choose – then the really best thing is to give him a spell in the cockpit of five of them. Yes, you read it right, drive five supercars in one day. What man wouldn’t be ecstatic after that?

And we won’t guarantee it, but we’d be surprised if you don’t get slotted in as sole beneficiary in his will too.
So here it is, with up to the minute prices so you get the best offers going and you’re also first to see any special offers. Click on the link, check the details and buy online in total confidence that you’re buying from the best experience providers in the UK.

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What are the five cars to drive?

This is the good bit. He doesn’t get the five standard cars, he gets a whole long list to choose the five that make his mouth water most.
Does he fancy an Aston Martin V8 Vantage to be a bit of a James Bond?
Or there’s an Audi R8 and of course the Ferrari 360.
Or how about a Porsche Turbo or a Lambo (that’s Lamborghini Gallardo if you’re not a petrolhead).

The list includes a Nissan GTR, Subaru, Mitsubishi Evo and even the sought-after Ariel Atom.
You can even take a turn at a TVR, a Hummer or the fabled Lotus Elise.

Take care as the list does vary a bit with the location, but whatever was you look at it there’s going to be a great selection of five of the best at a track somewhere near your Dad. Or if not nearby, then what man wouldn’t be prepared to drive a few miles for a treat like this?

You might want to go along as photographer in chief to record his best day out ever, or even book two experiences and participate in it yourself.
Your dad will love it, you’ll love it, and we loved it.
Not one, not two, not three not four but FIVE supercars.
Now that’s Driving Heaven

Best experience ever for Fathers Day4.6000000000002Sarah FirminBest supercar driving experience ever – drive five of them in one day. The ultimate gift for Fathers Day

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