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VIP tour of Olympic Site

VIP tour of Olympic Site
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Your exclusive chance to see the 2012 Olympic Site by helicopter.

Yes, it’s 2012, and love it or hate it, you’re not going to be able to get away from the Olympics which start in a blaze of glory at the Opening Ceremony on the 27th of July, and dominates the nation all the way up to the Closing Ceremony on the 12th of August.

And this is your chance, for a limited time only, to take your own private VIP tour, by helicopter, of the Olympic site.
You’ll be thrilling to a view that others will only have on TV, a once in a lifetime experience, and all for under £100!!

Where do I buy my VIP Olympic tour?

Well the good news is that it’s not run by the Olympic Organising Committee (have you seen Twenty Twelve on TV with Hugh Bonneville? It’s a scream, but spine chilling in its reflection of what we imagine is going on) and it’s marketed by the UK’s top experience companies.
We’ve brought all the offers together for you in one place, effectively the same tour sold by different people, so you can pick the best deal. Though don’t hold your breath for offers, as this tour is like gold dust and in great demand!

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Olympic Village tour review

If you’ve not treated yourself to a helicopter ride before, then you’re in for a real treat. It’s like nothing else you’ve ever experienced, with manoeuvrability far better than in any plane you’ve ever been in. Picture yourself hovering, motionless in the sky, gazing down in wonder on a view that few will be privileged to linger over and enjoy. And of course don’t forget to record your memories on film and video – in fact if you let us have a link to your video on Youtube, we might even post it on this site for you! Now how’s that for an offer?

You’ll be in the air for 20 minutes, looking down like an Olympian on this £6 Billion investment, from Olympic stadium to athletes’ village and the rest.

And you need to know that you can take the tour before the games and after the games but unfortunately you can’t take this VIP helicopter trip during the games. Which is a pity, as surveying the scene while some great sporting event was in action would be pretty amazing. But then I suppose if the 3 billion TV viewers found the start of the 100 metres final held up because the runners couldn’t hear the starter for the noise of your helicopter whizzing overhead, then that probably might not be a good thing.
Obviously, this helicopter sightseeing tour starts off from the London area, but then you knew that!

So our advice is to get the trip in while you can, see the Olympic sites from the air before the games, to give you more perspective when you watch it on TV (we assume you didn’t get any tickets – we didn’t either). Or if you can’t fit it in during the next couple of months, then make a point of seeing the sights after the games to give you a whole different take on what you saw on the TV as you enjoyed all the action and saw Team GB winning its record number of medals!!

Or What a fantastic gift for somebody who likes the Olympics and all the spectacle that goes with it.
And I repeat, all for under £100.

Footnote: Not long now if you want to get this trip in before the Games start, but if you find you don’t have time for it and can’t fit it in then, it will be on sale for a time afterwards so you can revisit all the scenes you’ve seen on the TV.

VIP tour of Olympic Site3.66666666667Sarah FirminThe 2012 Olympics are already a distant memory. They were quite good weren’t they? Probably ‘cos we won loads and they were better than we were expecting. Anyway, if you never got to go and see the sporting events you can still take a helicopter tour of the Olympic 2012 site.

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