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Women’s fitness boot camp for 1 week

Women’s fitness boot camp for 1 week
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For women who are serious about getting in shape, losing inches, gaining fitness, in fact throwing aside all those years of neglect and mistreatment and getting your life back, then this is the ultimate fitness experience.

It’s not a cheap experience, but then you get what you pay for here. And isn’t regaining your inner glow and your outer self worth a week of your time and effort?

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Women’s boot camp review – What’s the deal?

Admit it, you’ve tried the other ways, believed the adverts, bought the keep fit videos, bought the books, given up this that or the other, tried countless diet fads and starved for a week or more. And what’s the result?

That’s right, nothing. None of these “quick fixes” works, because quick fixes never do work.

That’s why for women who are serious about themselves, who want something that works, we’re recommending this week-long, women-only bootcamp experience that will work.

The course, run at Sittingbourne in Kent is tailored to you as an individual, so whether you’re 16 or 65, you’ll be pushed to the right level for you. It will be hard, but achievable, and let’s face it nothing in life that’s worth having comes easily (unless you’ve won the National Lottery, in which case I rest my case!)

It’s run on military lines, with early rising, physical exercise during the day, much of it outdoors, by trainers who understand you personally and whose aim is to help you achieve your own fitness, self-esteem and life goals.

But you can be sure that on finishing this women’s week boot camp, there’ll be a new you with new levels of fitness, confidence and zest for life.

How does the fitness course start?

When you arrive, you’ll be privately weighed and measured, then have a chat with your trainers about what you want from the experience and how it could help you. There’s a fitness test, of course, to make sure that your physical activity is suitable, but also suitably challenging, and to give you a marker so you can judge your progress throughout the week.

You’ll start your week of healthy eating with dinner, and settle in with your room mate (most people – and it’s women only – come alone, and are paired up with a room mate for the week). We find that this helps enormously as the ideal compromise between having your space, and not being isolated in this unfamiliar environment.

Then it’s early to bed for a 5.30 call the next morning when your training starts in earnest.

What’s a typical day on this week long experience?

After rising around 5.30, you’ll have an hour of circuit training with light weights, skipping ropes and running before breakfast at 8 a.m.

More fitness work, including some running (or brisk walking for the less fit) before lunch, and then after lunch, how about a two hour walk to see a bit of the countryside and build up stamina.

There could be a netball session and work on an assault course before dinner at 6.15 in the evening.

If you’re up to it, after dinner you might then have a dance class to loosen up rhythmically in a social context, then it’s early to bed at 8 p.m. ready for an early start the next morning.

It’s physical, it’s demanding, but most of all it’s enjoyable and very rewarding.

And remember, you’ll be given nothing you can’t do but nothing that’s easy either.

The trainers are professionals and know their job, which is to make sure that each and every lady on this lifestyle experience gets the very most out of it.

All we can say is that if you’ve the strength to book yourself on this life-changing experience, you’ll have the strength of will to finish it, and will emerge after your week long residential women’s boot camp feeling fitter, healthier, and with a new confidence in life, ready to adopt a fresh, healthier lifestyle.

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Women’s fitness boot camp for 1 week4.0000000000001Sarah FirminThe ultimate women’s fitness course – for women serious about improving lifestyle and building a new you

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