Zip wire experience – ultimate exhilaration

Zip wire. Plummeting along for a mile at 100mph, half a mile high.

Zip wire experience. What is it?

There are quite a few zip wire experiences now in the UK – it’s become very popular since the Big Zipper in Bethesda in Wales started some years ago.

So here they all are listed for you below.

What happens on the day?

Well if you’re lucky enough to have bought a ticket for this experience – or even better, been given one as a gift – you turn up and after an introduction, have a go on the “little zipper” – a great zip wire in its own right, but nothing – repeat nothing – like its big brother. It’s supposed to give you an intro to the world of zip wire riding (which it does) and prepare you for riding the big bad boy (which it doesn’t because the big one is so very very bad that NOTHING can prepare you for it!!)
You’ll need sturdy footwear and warm gloves, and 100mph high over the ground can get quite chilly – though the fear factor may warm you up!!

The people operating them are good – very good – and will make sure that you’re totally safe even while frightening yourself half to death. It’s the ride of your life, something you’ll talk about long after the hairs on the back of your neck have stopped standing up and you’ve changed your underwear.

A brilliant adrenaline gift

At almost stocking-filler prices, this is something you can give to friends, relatives, other halves, boyfriends, girlfriends, even people you don’t like very much.
Or a favourite is to get a gang from the office or club and go together to see who is hard, who bursts into tears at the top and cries for their mother, and have great fun laughing at and filming each other.
Just don’t buy it for your granny. Or perhaps do buy it for your granny, as she won’t want to do it and will give it to you so you can go yourself. That way you’ve bought granny a present and you get all the benefit!
Now there’s an idea.

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