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8 reasons to be cheerful

Well the Easter hols are over, and we’ve had Valentines day and a few bank holidays. David Cameron and his mates have just introduced more takes, less benefits tax breaks for rich people, and still snowing (in April).

We think you need some cheering up, so here are a few ideas for things to look forward to, and reasons to be cheerful.

1 – We’re not Cyprus.

Yes, the Government haven’t taken all our savings off us yet. But assuming they will at some point, our page of  ‘Cheap but still awesome‘ experiences might come in useful. You’ll not be spending on lavish gifts when you’ve got no money left.

2- This cat:

Bluebell the cat
Look, she’s all comfy and cosy. I bet you’d like to be like that wouldn’t you, rather than being at work or commuting or or tidying up or whatever it is that you hate doing. But this cat doesn’t have to – she’s happy, and that could make you happy too,

Am I right?



3 – Summer’s on the way.

Remember the long hot summers we’ve had, brought by global warming and climate change. Weeks of beautiful sunny days, stretching into warm, pleasant nights. Mainland Europe has had some lovely summers recent, unlike the UK, where it’s rained and stayed overcast while we wait for a single day of hazy sun. Take a look at our water experiences, in case, you know, you don’t get enough water or something.

And another good thing about our British summers is that at least they keep the rioters indoors too

4 – And speaking of rioters, could the UK be in for another bashing this year?

Let’s assume the worst – it’s probably going to be like a war zone – so make sure you’re prepared to take down the rioters with a few specialist moves of your own. Experiences such as Army skills training can give you a head start when the cheeky monkeys start setting fire to your home and pinching food from your baby’s mouth. (and iPhones).

5 – Do you like Christmas? It’s nice Christmas isn’t it?

With all the food, and the presents and the happy people. Mulled wine, Christmas carols, mince pies. Beaming faces of gorgeous children as the await Santa Claus. Well it’s nearly Christmas!!! We’re already a quarter of the way through the year. Never mind if you haven’t achieved anything so far this year. You’ll never achieve anything so don’t dwell on the last three months.

Christmas is coming, and we can’t wait. So you resent your children and you won’t be able to afford Christmas presents anyway. And your life is one looooong experiment in self loathing. Before you grind your teeth down to pegs, remember, IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS. Woohooo. You should buy some really nice gifts for people this year.  That might make them like you.

6 – Do you think we’re waffling yet?

Well don’t you worry – we’ve nearly finished, and an end to this nonsense is reason enough to be cheerful. We’ll call that one number 6

7 – Small versions of big animals

They had a baby giraffe at Chester zoo. Look at it’s face! That even cheers us up. Did you know you can feed giraffes at Chester Zoo too? Though not the babies, unless you’re an adult female giraffe – In which case, go ahead.

8 – Isn’t it the World Cup this year? Or the Olympics or something? No? Hmmmmm

Well that’s it. We can’t think of any more.

So that hasn’t helped much has it. never mind. before you click away in disgust, why not look at a pampering day to take your mind off it? At least you’ll be miserable in comfort.

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