About us

Hello, I’m John, and I’m part of the ‘brains’ behind Best Experiences. Nice of you to visit.

So why experience days?
I’d been on a Ferrari experience a year or two earlier, and it was loads of cash for not long in a car. I got chatting to other people who were there at the same time, but they’d paid less and got more. The instructor was irritating too, and he had a hat and he thought that this hat made him cool.

The whole thing made me a bit sad. And you shouldn’t be sad when you’ve been driving a Ferrari.¬†Imagine a person with a slightly sad face near a Ferrari. That was me.

So the plan was:
I got made redundant, so I decided to spend some of my meagre redundancy payment on experience days to see what exciting things I could get up to – but I’d do more research this time. Where else can you fight zombies, go bungee jumping and feed tigers? In doing this, I became a bit of an expert on experience days and learnt from the perspective of the customer, not the experience company.

The end result is Best Experiences, a comparison and review site of all the country’s leading experience days. I’ve been on loads of these experience days¬†and done loads of research to find out the good bits and the bad bits. So I hope this site is useful to you!

So what happens next?
I’ll carry on having random experiences and telling you about them, and I’d love you to add reviews of any experiences you’ve been on too, so this site can become a Tripadvisor for experience days. That’d mean no-one ever spends money on a rubbish experience day again, and that’d make me happy. Imagine a man not standing near a Ferrari, looking slightly happy – that’s me!

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