Acceleration to take your breath away in a dragster

The perfect gift for your partner or a present to yourself!

If you’ve ever dreamed of doing 0 to 60 in 1.5 seconds, then a dragster racing experience at Santa Pod in Northamptonshire (where else???) might be just the thing you need. And to put that in perspective, your average car at home might manage the same in under 15 seconds with your foot hard to the floor and your gearbox taking a bit of a pounding.

Check them out here, and then see if you can resist.

So what’s on offer here?

What’s on offer is the chance to drive one of the fabled high speed cars that have the incredible acceleration to plaster you to the back of your seat as it reaches heights of acceleration you’d never thought possible.

You get to perform the brilliant “dragster burn out” where you melt the tyres to the track for maximum adhesion with the added benefit of deafening the audience, then you test out the old right foot, and see if you have the nerves of steel that it takes to hammer one of these bad lads into giving of its best.

You’ll get several laps to get used to your car and see how fast you dare take it. With a bit of luck and your own innate skill, you’ll then get to carry out a flat out session to feel the G forces like the pros.

If you thought a road sports car was fast, and a rally car even faster, and a formula 1 car faster still, you’re right. But then move up a league to one of these legendary creatures and you’ll find out what “fast” and “acceleration” really mean.
Since safety is paramount when it comes to speed on the track, you’ll get a safety briefing to give you confidence, then get kitted out in your driving suit and shown how to handle your car. But when it comes to your track laps – after each of which you’ll get a debriefing to help you go faster next time – it really is down to you and what you can take. This beast will respond to whatever you throw at it, so there’ll be no worries that it won’t be fast enough! So make sure to take a companion with a camera to record your exploits in detail for you to relive later.

The memory will last and last, but your mates won’t believe how fast you were going unless they see it for themselves.

It’s not cheap, but then the best things in life never were. And if you’re treating yourself you’ll think it’s some of the best cash you’ve ever spent. Or if it’s a present for that special someone (and women just as well as men can be great drag racers, so there’s no sexism here thank you very much) then rest assured the lucky recipient will be so grateful you won’t believe it.

Mind you, not everyone can invest this kind of money, so if you really can’t afford the full deal, but still want to experience some of the thrill and are happy to put yourself in the hands of a drag racing professional and not take the controls yourself, then you do get the chance to ride as a passenger in a dragster and feel the burn as a skilled driver puts it through its paces for a lot less cash.

This could be your present worries sorted just like that. Give a session at Santa Pod and there’ll be no need for any other presents.

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