Anfield stadium tour – Liverpool FC football stadium

Like a lot of the other football stadium tours, you can choose from a variety of Anfield tours, including an experience with Liverpool legends. We’ve found the cheapest and best value Anfield experiences on the web, followed by a short review of the actual tour – and it’s not bad!

Anfield stadium tour experiences


As you can see above, there are plenty of different experiences available, depending on how big a Liverpool FC fan you are. The basic ticket is fine if you’re not a massive fan, but imagine how happy you’d make a big Liverpool fan if they get to meet a legend from Liverpool’s past with a full tour

Anfield tour review

The main thing you’ll notice about Anfield is they’ve let it get a bit run down while they’re waiting for the new stadium. But in a way, this makes the tour more interesting, especially when you consider the opulence of the players homes compared to the conditions they ‘work’ in 😉 .

It’s a shame you’re not allowed on the pitch (like with all the football stadium tours) and you’re unlikely to see any star footballers, but you do get to run down the tunnel and out into the stadium.  There’s a great atmosphere of history in the stadium that’s seen so many amazing games. And the museum is full of trophies from the glory days of European football.

What’s the best thing about tours of Anfield?

The main thing we like about this tour is the tour guides. The Anfield tours use real fans as the guides, so they’re full of interesting facts and insights about the club. They’ve also got that familiar Liverpool passion that keeps the fans coming back for more.

I reckon it’s certainly worth a visit, especially as you can pick up a ticket for not much more than a tenner. The club has not got the obvious money you’ll find at Old Trafford, but for a Liverpool fan, this football stadium tour is an amazing insight into what goes on behind the scenes of Anfield. Woohoo!


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