RRRAAAARRR! Animal experience days

lemurOur favourite experience days are all animal experiences, and if you like wildlife you’ll understand why. Remember how brilliant is was when the animal man came into school and did an assembly with an otter and a snake or something? Well that’s what your average animal experience day is like. They’re a great way to get really close and actually handle animals that you can’t normally get near.

You can split experience days with animals in to two different types:

Getting closer to zoo animals

Zoos are ace, but with a normal entrance ticket, you just don’t get close enough to the animals. When you can tickle a red panda, swim with a shark or give a friendly tapir a nice back scratch. Most zoos now run animal experience days to help you get closer to their animals for a small fee. You can usually find these from the zoo’s own websites, or take a look further down this page for more options.

Working with animals

We’re talking about things like cowboy riding, sheepdog training or a day at the races. There are plenty of working animals in the UK, and these experiences give you the perfect opportunity to get involved. These can be harder to find, but Google is you friend. The big experience companies have some corkers too.


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