Army skills experience – join a SWAT team

Did you know that S.W.A.T. stands for Special Weapons and Tactics?

Whether you did or not, you’ll know that these teams are the crème de la crème, the chosen few, the ones who undertake the riskiest, most hazardous operations. And if you’re one of the in-crowd, you’ll be longing to see how you’d perform as a member of one of these elite groups of men and women. Depending the circumstances, they could be specially trained police, or army personnel to handle riot control, hostage rescue or other tasks requiring skill, nerves of steel and a cool head.

The good news is that you can now join your own SWAT team, receive professional training, and take part in a special mission and still go back to your own home at night.

Check them out below – we’ve searched the net’s top experience providers and brought them all together for you in one place so you can compare prices and get yourself (and a mate if you like) booked in. You’ll find that a lot of them are the same experience – all that is different is the price. So once you find the one that you like, then we recommend buying on price.


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So what’s the deal? – experience review

You usually get something like half a day on one of these experiences and it’s a team exercise, you you’ll be joined by a few other like-minded  would-be special forces personnel, which we find makes the whole thing that much more enjoyable. It’s matey and friendly, but competitive as well, since none of us knows how we’ll perform under pressure till it happens and of course you’ll want to make a better, more accomplished job of it that the others, but at the same time you can’t do it as a solo op and team work is where it’s at.


You’ll start, as on all these things, with a safety briefing to make sure everybody comes out of this in the same condition they went into it.

You’ll be introduced to your weapons, equipment and tactics, and will get drawn into the special operation that you’ll be carrying out – depending on the experience you choose this could be crowd control (very taxing, not at all as easy as you might think, and literally terrifying to some), hostage rescue where you need to invade the lair of the bad guys and come out with your team and the hostage safe and well, or even taking out a terrorist training camp.

Experiences change according to demand, and as they’re VERY popular they sell out quickly and are replaced with slightly different variants, but all featuring weapons training, tactics and skill and a nerve-taxing mission. so check them all out on the table above. They may be different from the last time you came here to look, and you need to click through and examine the detail so you know what you’re getting yourself into.


They say that no special fitness level is needed as you can go at your own pace, but remember the team is depending on you like you’re depending on them, and this certainly isn’t the kind of day out your granny would like. Unless you’ve got a very hard, ex-SAS granny, in which case we’d absolutely love to see your video of her in action!

So we’d recommend that you be reasonably fit and no stranger to a bit of a workout if you’re to make the most of this.


They tend to be all-weather jobs, some more outdoors than others, so again it depends what you want, but either way if you’re as hard as you think you are you won’t care will you?

We found that once you’ve taken in your training and fitted yourself into the team and the scenario, your adrenaline really gets rushing through your body and you quickly forget that this isn’t for real. And remember that the hostage-takers or terrorists may be only actors, but they know what they’re doing and many of them are ex-forces so they will make formidable opponents and will be as keen to get the better of you as you are to thrash them.

It really is a challenging – we might almost say gruelling – day, but then again you’d expect nothing less would you. The don’t call them Special for nothing.


How about this as an original thrilling gift?

Yes, even if you don’t think you’re up to it yourself, we bet you know somebody who’d be in their element as part of a would-be SWAT team. Men or women, both welcome if they’re bold enough. And imagine their reaction when they’re expecting the usual socks, sweaters, DVDs, perfume gifts and they open your gift-wrap to find this little beauty! It’ll be their favourite present ever, and why not? So whether it’s for you on your own, for you and a mate or two, or as a gift that you’ll get eternal gratitude for, off you go, choose your experience and fill your boots!

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