Beer experiences & Brewery tours

This is one for the lads. (or girls who like beer obviously, but generally it’s men that buy these beer experiences). Whether you want to drink beer, see how it’s made or both, then we’ve got some brilliant beer experiences.

This is your most popular Brewery experience day

It’s run by the people who know beer best, and it’s great value for money.


Are there many beer tastings and brewery experiences?

The excellent news is that beer tastings and brewery tours are what everybody is doing this year, and so you’re in luck – there is a huge number choose from. So there is bound to be a tasting or tour to suit you, not too far from you.

So whether your appreciation of ales and beers extends to a pint of lager and a pie with a few mates, or whether you’re into craft breweries and love to sample the many and varied brews that come from the multitude of little breweries lovingly set up by keen and very knowledgeable aficionados, then there will be something on the list to titillate your taste buds!

So what are these beer tastings all about then?

The brilliant thing about these experiences is that they’re as varied as the people who want to go on them.
They range from something like a night out with a few different ales to try, right up to the Masters of Beer classes (is there such a thing as a Master of Beer? If not there ought to be) where specially brewed artisan ales are dispensed and described and you savour them in the company of other connoisseurs.

It won’t surprise you too know that beer aficionados are at least as keen on and knowledgeable about their ales as wine snobs are about clarets, Chateauneuf and the like.

Some facts about beers

  • beer contains no fat at all, that’s right zero fat, so it’s fine to drink on a diet (ps I’m not a doctor so that might not be true about the diet)
  • Cenosillicaphobia is a made-up word meaning the fear of an empty beer glass – we know lots of people with this
  • beer is the world’s ┬ámost popular alcoholic drink bar none – no surprise there then!
  • the world’s strongest beer is called Snake Venom and contains a whopping 67.5% alcohol by volume. you can drink it, or use it to strip paint with, your choice (though I know what mine would be)
  • the study of beer and beer making is zythology – and you could even do a university course in it. sounds like student heaven to me!

So off you go, book yourself and a friend into one of these excellent experiences and just enjoy it knowing that you now count as an intellectual.

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