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Best off road driving experience – full day 4×4 instruction

Best off road driving experience – full day 4×4 instruction
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This is the driving course for serious off-roaders.
A standard 4×4 experience will introduce you to what a 4×4 is and what it can do. But with perhaps no more than an hour’s wheel time, with the best will in the world, you’re not going to have the time to develop and hone those driving skills that you may need in extremes of weather and terrain when it’s just you and the 4×4 against the elements.
We believe that a full day’s driving on a 4×4 under the watchful eye of an expert instruction is what you need to get to grips with real off road driving so that you can rely on it when you need to.

So whether you intend doing a lot of hills, streams and rough terrain in your 4×4, or you’re just worried about how bad the winter will be and how long it will go on for, then check out this top experience.

What’s the deal? Full day off road experience review

Well the main thing is that you get a full day in the off-road vehicle, learning to evaluate risk, assess the landscape for hazards and safe paths, and to apply suitable driving techniques that will enable you to master whatever terrain and conditions you encounter.
You’ll start off with a safety briefing, as with such a powerful beast as a Land Rover Discovery, Defender or Freelander going eyeballs out, safety is paramount.
Then your expert instructor will explain the different parts and functions of the vehicle, before taking you on a demonstration for you to see with your own eyes just what one of these bad boys is capable of when driven by a professional.
It’s then over to you as you take the wheel and manoeuvre the 4×4 over one of the less challenging courses, working up over the day through tougher and tougher terrain, to some pretty fearsome stuff that you’d never have thought you could manage if you hadn’t driven it for yourself.
You instructor is on hand with practical advice throughout, letting you know where you did it right, and in some cases where you could have done it better.
And at the end of the day we’d expect you to know what a real 4×4 off road vehicle is capable of, to assess terrain and travel situations, and to be able to take a 4×4 safely up some pretty ferocious countryside with full confidence in your driving abilities.

Depending on the experience day you choose, you’ll either get a private session, or share the car with two or three other people. There’s a lot to be said for a private experience day, but on the whole we prefer the shared sessions as you get the chance of a break from the driving while somebody else tries their hand, and even more useful, you watch them make their own mistakes and can learn from a wider variety of driving than just your own. It does make the whole experience that much more varied, interesting and instructive, and it’s cheaper too!

Locations are, as you’d expect, a bit more limited than in some other driving experiences. If you want to drive off road over challenging terrain, then you aren’t going to find that rough terrain, crags and mountain streams in the middle of the big cities. But there are quite a few of these full day courses spread around from Oxfordshire to Scotland, and we’d expect you to find a full off-road day within reach of most parts of the UK.

What are the cheapest full 4×4 days?

We’ve brought together here all the net’s full day 4×4 sessions from the top experience day providers whom we know and trust to provide a first class experience and to give you good value for money. So you can be sure that none of these is an inferior product.

So check out the ones that appeal to you to find out where they are, what exactly you get on your day, and that it meets your requirements. Then you can buy there and then in total confidence.

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An original gift idea

We all know someone who perhaps owns as 4×4 and would love to be able to make the most of what it can do. Or who doesn’t own one but would appreciate the opportunity to try one out in depth and learn to handle one with skill.

Do them a favour and treat them to this fabulous instructional experience.

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