A bigger bungee jump

There’s bungee jumping, and there’s mega bungee jumping, and the highest you’re going to find in the UK is about 300ft. It’s obviously the same idea as normal bungee jumping experiences, but this is higher! This big bungee experience is around £100 and you can buy the same experience from all the top providers shown below.

This is a fantastic present for yourself or even better, why not buy it for someone who’s always acting brave. Imagine their face when they unwrap this bad boy!

Yep, 300 ft – that’s like a football field and it’s nearly double the height of Nelson’s Column. If you prefer metres, it’s a fall of very nearly 100m which is a long way. Whichever way you put it, it’s a big drop, that’ll really get the adrenaline flowing. 

This big jump is available in Bray(Windsor) and Salford Quays, (Manchester) so most people are within driving distance. If you’re not, then you might be better choosing one of the other best bungee jumping experiences we’ve reviewed.

Health conditions
There’s a few health conditions that you’ll have to fulfil before you jump – things about not being old, pregnant and that sort of thing, so if you’re looking for an experience gift for a pregnant 60 year old with bad ankles then this isn’t the present for her. That said, they’re pretty standard – just follow the link and take a look at the conditions before you buy.

Cheapest 300ft bungee jump experiences

(plus a few smaller ones if you’re nearer to them)

Here they all are in one place for you, with real time prices so you can check the cheapest for yourself.

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