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Bread making classes – or learn to make pastry

Bread making classes – or learn to make pastry
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Want to learn cook like a pastry chef? Or have you always longed for bread making classes?
Well now you can ditch the old shop-bought sliced loaf and make your own, or why not learn to make pastry so you’ll not need to go to Greggs for your pasties?

Then here at bestexperiences we’ve got just the thing for you.
The web’s top selection of bread making courses and classes in how to make pastry that will leave you wondering why you ever put up with shop-bought stuff in the first place. It’s easy when you know how.

Bread making courses

We’ve scoured the top experience providers on the web and brought them together in one place – and our real time price comparison saves you shopping around. They’re quite rare, so make the most of them. They come on offer, then get snapped up, so the courses here will vary dependent on availability.


Pastry classes

And here are the ones that teach you pastry making professional style. Greggs, eat your heart out.

Bread making classes and pastry courses review

These cookery classes, specialising in bread or pastry, especially the full day ones, will give you enough tips and tricks of the trade, and most importantly enough hands-on experience of these culinary arts to enable you understand the process and to produce a good range of quality breads and different types of pastry.

If shortcrust, flaky and rough puff are mysteries to you, then they won’t be. If you wondered about French bread, focaccia, the difference between white bread and wholemeal, or how to make bread that rises and tastes oven-fresh, then this is where it’s at.

Here’s a warning: – you won’t be as good as Paul Hollywood when you’ve completed your course – but then he’s been at it for many years. But you WILL know the basics of bread or pastry making, have the confidence to make your own and make a success of it, and have the skills and knowledge to build on so that when you get home you can explore the whole world of this type of bakery to your heart’s content.

There’s nothing beats home made bread, fresh from the oven, with no commercial additives so it’s got to be healthier. And home made pastry – there’s nothing like it.

These are experiences that teach you valuable skills that you’ll be able to apply for ever afterwards, and once you learn the secrets from your professional tutor, you’ll be amazed just how easy it it.

Or how about giving one of these bakery experiences as a gift with a difference? Or even better, go yourself and take a friend.
They’ll appreciate it, that’s for sure.

Bread making classes – or learn to make pastry4.33333333333Sarah FirminBread making courses and pastry classes – who needs Greggs?

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