Bulldog military plane flying experience

This aerobatic experience gives a whole new meaning to flying on the edge.
Using an ex-military Bulldog plane, one of the staple aircraft of the forces used for training pilots in speed craft and manoeuvring before they moved on to fast jets, you’ll have an experience to remember long after it’s over.

We’ve searched the top experience providers and brought all their Bulldog experiences together for you here in real time.
Note that when Bulldogs are not offered, then we’ve searched for the best alternative aerobatic flights!!

Bulldog military plane experience review

This really is a hands-on aerobatic experience.
You get kitted out in full flying suit, then take to the skies, just you and your instructor, and after some hair-raising demonstrations of what this little beauty can do (trust us, you’ll be amazed, and it’ll be a brave man or woman who isn’t a little terrified too!)your instructor hands the controls over to you so you can put the Bulldog through its paces in a number of increasingly taxing aerobatic tasks.

You can take a couple of friends to watch and record your day out on video (look out Youtube!) and still photos. Or just to watch and admire. In fact they reckon this flying experience is so taxing that the organisers even recommend you take someone to drive you home as you’ll be so hyped up and adrenaline-fuelled by the end of it!

You have been warned.

You’ll spend about thirty-five minutes in the air, and about thirty minutes at the controls yourself, which doesn’t sound much, but for a first timer at aerobatics is plenty. It will surprise you just how demanding aerobatic flying is – and Top Gun made it look easy!

The Bulldog is rightly famous for its aerial prowess, and you’ll feel privileged to have had the opportunity to take the controls of this wonderful machine.
Your instructor will be highly skilled and highly trained, and a veteran of many outings in this legendary plane, so you’ll be in safe hands. And it’s a tribute to both your instructor and the plane itself that a total beginner will be able to carry out the kinds of manoeuvres that you get up to on the day.

So don’t forget to make sure it’s videoed, and if you send us the link, we might even put your video up on this site for other aspiring Top Guns to learn from.

This is a rare chance to do some out-of the ordinary flying, as there aren’t that many light aircraft that will put up kindly with being handled by a novice and respond well. So if you want aerial excitement and the added benefit of doing it all yourself (OK, with the help of an instructor!) then this adrenaline experience takes some beating.

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