Cheapest aerobatics and stunt flying experience

Cheapest aerobatics and stunt flying

Ever fancied yourself as Top Gun? Tearing through the sky with the enemy plane in your sights, squeezing the trigger and blazing away with your cannon? Or jinking and dodging as he turns the table on you and tries to blast you from the sky?

This is your chance! Yes, you really can go up in an aerobatic plane – with a skilled aerobatic instructor in the other seat – and believe it or not you can actually take the controls in your own hands to loop the loop or engage in a simulated dogfight. You’ve never known adrenaline like it.

Aerobatics is one of the best gift experiences

If you want a gift idea for that special someone or special occasion, a gift experience that will be remembered for years to come, then the aerobatics or stunt flying experience is the one.

These are the very cheapest stunt flying experiences in the UK, and you’ll find that they’re well worth the money.


Our prices are updated in real time so you can be sure you’re getting the cheapest flying experiences available, and also so that you’re the first to get the advantage of any special offers.

We find that a simulated dogfight, looping the loop and barrel rolls add a whole new dimension to the regular flying experience that people normally buy, and while these flights are a bit dearer and less widely available, just to be able to say that you did it yourself, and reliving the feeling of controlling one of these agile beasts all on your own, makes it well worth it. It’s a feeling like nothing else on earth.

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