Cheapest bungee jumping experience

If you’re just after a nice cheap bungee jumping experience, you needn’t look any further:

We’ve found some absolute bargains. There are usually a few special offers going, and you can always find a bungee experience under £50. This page isn’t a review of any specific ones – instead we’ve looked at all the leading providers and put together their best offers on bungee jumping with real time pricing so you know you won’t get cheaper.

This week’s top selling bungee experience deal

This is a great little bungee experience, and the best bit is you can use it on loads of places. All the cheapest experiences are for use in only one or two locations, so this is a great one to buy if it’s for a gift. It’s a brilliant special offer so it won’t be around for ever – pick it up fast before the deal finishes

The cheapest bungee jumping experience
You can pick up a bungee experience for next to nothing these days. they’re one of the cheaper experiences so a good idea for a small gift. If you want to spend a bit more you can choose a deluxe bungee experience, but here are the cheapest available in the UK today:

It’s nice and cheap – in fact it’s the cheapest experience we could find. Don’t bother looking – you’re not going to find a cheaper bungee jumping experience than this. So it’s a no-brainer right? Britain’s cheapest bungee jumping experience day, from a great experience company, delivered in a flash.

It goes without saying, but when you click through to the experience company site, make sure you have  look through the details of what you’re buying. Some of these bungee experiences are only available in a few places, and you don’t want to save money on the experience only to have to pay out on transport or accommodation. With most of these experiences though, you can bungee jump in several locations around the UK. Some companies like are no more specific about the places, but when they’re that generic about locations, it usually means there are too many to mention.

Looking for something special in a bungee jump?

If you want a bigger bungee jump, or a tandem jump, why not browse the other bungee jumping experiences we’ve reviewed. If you’re after the cheapest then what are you waiting for? Get clicking now!

What happens on this bungee experience

These experiences are pretty similar. It’s a safety briefing followed by weighing scales to get the right bungee cord followed by jumping off a crane on an elastic band.

Who can jump?

Each of the locations and companies have their own rules. Usually they’ll only let you jump if you’re between 14 and 50. Any older and you’ll need a doctor’s certificate, so if you’re looking for a gift for your granddad, you could maybe choose something else. (Maybe get him a falconry experience day instead :-)). Take a look at the listing on the experience day websites for more information about medical advice, weight limits and all that sort of important small print.

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