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Gyrocopter experience day – fly an autogyro

Gyrocopter experience day – fly an autogyro
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Cheap gyrocopter flying – gyroplane flying – autogyro flying

Is it a plane? Is it a helicopter? Is it a microlight? It’s all of these and none of them. A gyrocopter is a helicopter/airplane hybrid, with some of the best features of each and is the ultimate in airborne manoeuvrability. If you’re old enough to remember, James Bond flew an autogyro in You Only Live Twice, when Q delivered one in a suitcase.

Why we like the gyrocopter experience

Basically, a gyrocopter experience is a really weird flying experience. It looks like the sort of flying contraption a nutty professor (or Wallace and Gromit) would use, and it feels just as bizarre to fly in too – that’s what makes it one of our favourite unusual experience days. You can almost guarantee that none of your friends will have flown in one of these, and it makes it a great novelty.

A gyrocopter (aka autogyro or gyroplane) is a flying experience like no other – you can feel the wind in your face, see the treetops rushing by or hover and savour the view. You just won’t believe how nippy and how manoeuvrable this little baby is. And in a dual control gyrocopter, you even get to take the controls.

What you get on a gyrocopter experience

The cheapest gyrocopter experience will get you airborne for half an hour – plenty long enough to get the gyroplane  bug. Or for a little more, you can take a longer flying experience. And the gyroplane or gyrocopter is so nimble it can do tricks that other aircraft wouldn’t dream of. On one of these lessons it’s unlikely that you’ll be doing stunts, but you could well get hold of the controls and zoom around in the sky for a bit.  You’ll experience the real thrill of the gyrocopter.


These are all of the current gyroplane experiences that are available in the UK

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And if you still haven’t got your head round what these gyrocopters actually are, here’s a clip of one in action. Imagine zooming about in that!




Gyrocopter experience day – fly an autogyro4.33333333333Sarah FirminGyrocopter flying lessons and gyrocopter flying experience days – We’ve found some amazing deals on this unusal flying maching. Called autogyros, gyrocopters or gyroplanes, these fantastic flying contraptions can buzz along at over 60 miles an hour, or hover in space.

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