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A Hawk Walk – the best hands-on falconry experience

A Hawk Walk is exactly what it says on the tin – you go walking, but with a hawk!

Imagine the thrill of carrying that glorious, feathered king of the skies on your arm, launching him in pursuit of his prey, and watching the skill and deadly force as he gives a demonstration of hunting as it should be done.

The Hawk Walk experiences are amazingly affordable, some at well under £50. So Hawk Walks and falconry experiences make great original gift ideas, as well as a fabulous day out that you’ll talk about for years to come. You’ll want to take a companion, of course, to make sure you’ve plenty of photos and video or you and your hawk doing the business.

And we’ve got the cheapest hawk walks on the net for you here, with prices updated in real time so you know you’re getting the best value there is, as well as a fantastic falconry experience from our top, trusted experience partners.

These are the current cheapest hawk walk experiences :


Quite often, your bird companion for the walk will be a Harris Hawk, a small, compact but amazingly powerful bird of prey. This is arguably one of the most intelligent birds of prey and he;ll go to great lengths to seek out prey of his own while you’re out walking with him, as well as coming promptly to take all the titbits you offer him from your glove.
On our own walk, we were surprised when our Harris Hawk suddenly swooped from a tree and vanished into a corn field, followed at once by the squealing of a leveret he’d spotted hiding there. A stark reminder, if one were needed, that these lads really are natural born killers, and if they couldn’t catch other animals to eat, they wouldn’t survive.

If you want to check out the full range of animal experiences, including all the falconry, meerkats, lemurs and the famous “zookeeper for a day” experience,  then click on this link: below –

cheapest hawk walk falconry experience

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