Cheapest indoor skydiving experience

Indoor skydiving, a great adrenaline experience without the cost



Who hasn’t longed to skydive? To feel the wind rushing past as you plummet, weightless, through the sky? But real skydiving is expensive – you have the cost of the plane, the pilot and somebody to skydive in tandem with you until you gain experience.

But did you know that Indoor Skydiving can give you all the adrenaline rush at a fraction of the cost

The cheapest skydiving experiences are indoors, and you have the added benefit that there’s no plane flight needed and you can skydive solo rather than tethered to an experienced skydiver. We’ve searched out the cheapest indoor skydiving experiences for you and you can skydive for well under ¬£100.

Or indoor skydiving would make an original gift idea for someone with a spirit of adventure too.

Check out the cheapest indoor skydiving experiences here with prices updated real time.


Basically, with indoor skydiving you’re borne aloft by a huge fan, and the cost is directly proportional to the time you spend suspended by the fan.¬†Cheap ones give you roughly a minute’s airtime, then as they add additional minutes, the price goes up.
Take your pick which you fancy.

But apart from the cost, and doing without the need for a plane and the time it takes to get airborne, the other nice thing about indoor skydiving is that you’re on your own, without the need for an experienced diver to be strapped to you to keep you safe.

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